Made by l e n n e b e l l e

Made by lennebelle is my jewelry brand. I make, design and combine
silver and gold plated jewellery. My trademark are the handmade tassels in various
colours and the packaging of the items in antique glass tubes.

My effort is to create unique items with a specific style. Most items
are available for wholesale. Once in a while I have limited editions
using specially found and single treasures from my travels. I am always
working on new pieces and do not really work with seasonal collections.

When you are interested in a customised items, meeting all your wishes,
I am happy to make it for you.

The brand is still small but is growing in a nice pace with several points
of sales in the Netherlands (where I am from) and Australia, Sweden,
Japan and America. Ofcourse I am still eager to expand to other countries!
I developed a nice display which works really well in shops to showcase
the necklaces and bracelets.


If you are interested get in touch and send me e-mail.