This makes me happy on a monday morning! The magnets and stationary by Italian based young creative collective by the name Studio Fludd.

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  • nina

    I agree! This is so beautiful, the color combinations are so perfect.

  • Katy

    what beautiful colors!

  • Marthe

    Beautiful colors!

  • Camila F.

    It makes me very happy too! Lovely!

  • katrina

    my goodness, these are simply exquisite. i feel happy all of a sudden!

  • studio mhl

    maakt mij ook erg blij, hele mooie kleuren samen

  • laura

    just lovely! those colours are beautiful together.

  • nelleke

    Prachtig! Ik was in december op zoek naar enveloppen in zo’n mooie natureltint en heb ze niet gevonden, ze zijn er dus wel!