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Mysterious letters

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mysterious letters

Did you have a penpal back in de days? I had! In Russia and in the USA. We send eachother presents like chocolat, stickers, matroskas and self recorded tapes (I still remember this song; Toy Soldiers!!). I still love the idea of writing letters, sending them as well as receiving them or even a small postcard. But because of e-mail unfortunatly our mailbox contains seldom a handwritten envelop.

This brought two people to the idea of writing personal handwritten letters to people all over the world. Starting with all 467 members of their home town! The goal was to initiate discussions among neighbours and to promote curiosity. It’s an art work consistsing solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.

Some of them are true pieces of art and not one is the same. Check out the whole project at their blog; Mysterious letters.

Walking the streets of London

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Today I will go to London with four of my best friends! Yeah!! I have been in London ages ago and can’t remember a thing but everybody says it is a great city! We have rented an appartment and ofcourse we will go shopping and have lots of cups of tea and most certainly go dancing! Hope to make some lovely photos!

This London papercut map made by Famille Summerbelle is great. Famille Summerbelle is a blog, shop with mainly papercuts for decorating childrens rooms. I love these maps! They also have Paris and soon a New York papercut map.

* Have a nice weekend! I am sure I will! *

Little moments on the sidewalk

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Paris je t'aime NY I love you

The overall theme: Love. The place: Paris. The concept: Eighteen five-minute love stories in all its forms and interpretations created by twenty-one different directors in various quartiers of Paris. This weekend I watched Paris je t’aime! It was special, divers and a celebration of the city of love, Paris.

Next month another city will celebrate love! New york, I love you. This time all stories are connected.

Watch the trailers! Paris je t’aime and New York I love you

Poetry jewelry

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This is just so amazingly pretty and so not wearable! Alida Alic makes the prettiest jewelry. She uses a self discovered process using plastic in combination with metals and stones! It is just surprising she can create such beautiful sculptural jewelry! She uses themes like ilusion for her designs. To me they look like pure poetry!

A love for posters # 2

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for like ever

A long time ago I fell in love with this poster ‘For like ever’. I saw it on the cover of a magazine I bought in Canada; Domino Magazine. Not thinking I was able to buy it. A few months later I was sitting in the train to Amsterdam when I spotted this guy wearing a t-shirt with the same text! After some internet searching I found it at a Brooklyn NY based graphic design office ‘Village‘. They doubled the price but it is still available here.