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The beauty of the Dutch coastline

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This summer we went on holiday close to home. With a small tent and our vintage Vespa scooter we discovered the beauty of our own country, the Netherlands. Coming from the city, the charm of the country life was just lovely! It is not just cows and windmills, but there are some!

We ate mussels, did some kiting and had nice picknicks at the beach. I just love the beach! One day we will have a little house near the dunes just a walk from the beach!

* Enjoy the weekend! *

Inspiration boards

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inspiration boards

Since I can remember I make collages from images and things I love! These inspiration boards change all the time. Sometimes I need a fresh start, get the boards totaly empty and start all over again. It is fun to watch how the boards get filled up again. Obviously I am not the only one keeping up inspiration boards.

Recently I dicovered this Flickr group which is all about amazing Inspiration boards. Carefull it is addictive! As a consequence of this group a weblog was started interviewing inspiring people and showing their inspiration boards.

Paris 100% fait main

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Paris 100 fait main

Soon I will turn 30! To make in a memorable occasion I decided I’d love to celebrate my birthday avec mon amour in my favourite city, Paris. We will go to Paris and do what Parisians do! Having croissants at  a petit boulangerie, sipping wine at a cosy winebargo dancing wearing my new dress, strolling along the Seine and visit to the unique shops described in Paris Made by Hand. There are a couple I really would like to see for myself.

Loving Paris and all things handmade made me crave for Pia Jane’s book ‘Paris Made by Hand’! A real must have. The joy I feel flipping through the pages with pretty pictures is priceless!

Overall Pia Jane’s work as a stylist and photographer is simply great. Check out her site and you can order Paris Made by Hand here.

Dear Lula

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Lula 3

You know that feeling that you just want to snuggle up on the couch, cat snoring on your lap, hot cup of fresh minth tea and a new magazine to let all your usual daily stuff for what it is and wander off in lovely images and just not be there for while. Lula Magazine is my way of escaping to a dreamy world. Page after page it is filled with things I love.

The next issue is in bookstores right now and today I discovered that Lula Magazine joined forces with Topshop and made this very Lula-like film ‘Spell’. Besides they have a a blinking new website!

Spread the word!

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Work in progressTell the world I am here! I am so excited!

Today I am celebrating my first post on my new blog and shop (october 1st) ‘A little hamster’ !! After designing pixel by pixel it is finaly here! This blog will replace my old blog Lennebelle and is much more my cup of tea!

A little hamster is always on the look out for new and inspiring things and wants to share these with you! Hope you will enjoy A little Hamster as much as I do!