A little hamster is all about the moments of joy in life! I am Lenneke, a jewelry designer for Lennebelle Jewelry from the Netherlands.
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A little hamster is all about the moments of joy in life! I am Lenneke, a jewelry designer for Lennebelle Jewelry from the Netherlands.
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Exchange Project: Studio Escargot



We made a lot new friends lately! We have got of course Sophie the giraffe, but also Mabel the giraffe (from Miga de the Pan available at Confetti) Apie the monkey, an owl, a whale, an elephant,  the ‘I love you to the moon and back’ bunnies, Artis the Partis and now this cute couple joined the gang; ballerina & Pierrot! They are so pretty don’t you think? They are made by stylist Sophia Smeekens. She makes beautiful dolls like these.

I am an Instragram addict (my love told me so) and that is how I met Sophia and her work and asked her if she wanted to join my exchange project. I was so happy! And in the future I would love to have a doll with clothes made with the fabric from Mette’s jumper she wore the first day when she was born.

Here you can find Studio Escargot and here her Etsy shop and of course the FB page.

If I could save time in a bottle,…

Leica Mette 5

I want to save every moment with Mette, her first smile, how she grows (we make photos every week when we have our family bath in the weekend to keep track) how it feels to breastfeed her, to hear the sweet sounds she makes, the songs I sing and hum, everything with us together in the comfort of our home now as a family, the trips we make, all milestones. I want to keep it somewhere to never forget.

I am printing out photos, making a first year baby book and bought this great ‘My life story’ book where you can write down a whole life’s journey. I will keep this journal for Mette until a certain age (18?, 35? a special moment, giving birth herself?) and give it to her to fill in the rest. Plus we are thinking about another blog to save all the beautiful photos Joey is taking. (very much inspired by this blog; The road is home, love it)

And now I discovered the Time Capsule!

I love the idea of the Time Capsule. Keep your treasures and memories of a special moments in this box. The box comes with beautiful designed stationary like a notebook, wrapping paper, tape and more.

The Time Capsule is designed by Anouk van der El, Venour, Mae Engelgeer (Yes, we know her, she makes the beatiful textile designs like the towels I sell at minishop Confetti) and Marloes Sijm.

They will be available at Minishop Confetti soon. They are €34,95. If you wish to pre order just send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

(If I could save time in a bottle,.. is my mothers’ favourite song, the lyrics are beautiful)


Pretty gift wrapping

gifts2It’s crazy how time flies at the moment. Today Mette is already one month old. She is the cutest, sweetest little baby and I enjoy every moment with her. We had a lot of friends and family coming over and Mette got so spoilt with pretty gifts. She has a wardrobe almost larger than mine and so many books she can fill a library. And the gifts were also so nicely gift wrapped!

Recent Instagram pics

1. Our cosy kitty who will soon have to share some attention 2 new lights in the babyroom; custommade coconuts from Thailand 3 Xmas tree in our B&B in Buenos Aires from last year. Hope to have a tree like that next year! 4 Detail from our workspace 5 Gold plated multi tassel bracelets from Lennebelle for Lou Lou and Restored 6 Pretty vases bought at Swanmarket XL

I love to check out Instagram pics. You can see mine by using the username; Lennebelle

Elle Inside Design

To get some inspiration for the new house and just for fun I went to Inside Design in Amsterdam with a friend. I love design but prefer to mix it with vintage, found and self created things. It was fun to see some designer from mini shop Confetti show casing their work like Mea Engelgeer and Elke van de Berg, made me a little proud! Check out their work and items here!

Customised pieces by Lennebelle

This cute pair of bracelets are a special request for mother and daughter; gold plated bracelet, with strawberry red braid, red coral beads and a gold plated star.

Lennebelle loves to make customised pieces.

When you have any special wishes or requests don’t hesitate and send an e-mail! (info {@} lennebelle. {com})

Designer Breakfast at Mmousse organised by Restored

Yesterday I had the ‘Designers Breakfas’ at Mmouse at a cosy canal street in Amsterdam. This morning was organised by Restored and was all about ‘branding’ your label. Together with other designers like Halona, Grannies Finest, Maartje van Noort and more we enjoyed a lovely breakfast continued by a lecture in ‘branding’ by Marjon and Maud from Mmousse. The whole event was really inspirational and educational but will need some serious follow up for Lennebelle in the near future! Can’t wait to get started.

Designers Breakfast

Next week I will join the Designer Breakfast organised by Restored and held at creative platform Mmouse,  a downtown oasis in Amsterdam. The photo already looks yummy and can’t wait to meet and get inspired by the other designers.


Minishop Confetti is open!

Last week friends helped me to install and decorate the shop and friday was the ‘official’ opening of pop up shop ‘minishop Confetti’. It’s perfect, exactly how I imagened it to be and filled with only pieces I love from great people! We celebrated the opening with friends and family and cheered with prosecco, Vedett beer (sponsored ;-, thanks) and blueberry lemonade. And check out the flower garland by Niche.

It was a good start for minishop Confetti and already was featured at Petite Passport by the lovely Pauline and of course by Cloud Cuckoo!

Also the online shop is finished and filled with most items from the shop and will be up dated with new items often. Today my package from Miga de Pan arrived in the mail with fun potholders and soft toys. I jumped with joy a little that I can add new items to the shop.

More photos will follow soon and don’t forget to check out the online shop when you are not able to say hello at Meent 133 in Rotterdam!


To get the latest news: FACEBOOK PAGE

Me & Plants

Me and plants is just not the perfect combination. Every time I try again and I keep finding myself giving up after a few months looking at the horrible state my plants are in.

I wish to make things better and just found this book Me & My Plant (which you can download here) via Mieke Willems and her new (very inspiring) website. Luckily our new home will have lots and lots of light and the rest is up to me.

I also recently discovered via First of August there is ‘plant shelter’ for neglected plants. Rachelle, the initiator of the ‘plantshelter’ will take care of all your dried out, sad, ugly plants to make them healthy again!

Image via Mieke Verbijlen

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