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Me & Plants

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Me and plants is just not the perfect combination. Every time I try again and I keep finding myself giving up after a few months looking at the horrible state my plants are in.

I wish to make things better and just found this book Me & My Plant (which you can download here) via Mieke Willems and her new (very inspiring) website. Luckily our new home will have lots and lots of light and the rest is up to me.

I also recently discovered via First of August there is ‘plant shelter’ for neglected plants. Rachelle, the initiator of the ‘plantshelter’ will take care of all your dried out, sad, ugly plants to make them healthy again!

Image via Mieke Verbijlen

Flowergarlands from Niche

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This morning I had a ‘rendez-vous’ at Lof der Zoetheid with Susan from Niche, a beautiful flowershop where she makes amazing things with flowers. Besides the bouquets she also uses flowers in food and drinks, she makes these gorgious garlands which are also really pretty when all the flowers are dry and she also makes hairpieces. She made two hairpieces for a friend of mine who got married this summer. Niche does it all!

We talked about a collaboration betweeen my pop up shop Confetti and Niche! I will open a pop up shop at the Meent in Rotterdam from April 13th till the end of May. More about this next week!

Exchange project: Elke van den Berg

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I am officially an Elke van den Berg fan! The first time I stumbled upon her website it was love at first sight with these porcelain cups. When I received them after doing an Exchange with Elke they were even prettier in ‘real life’!

Elke is a graduate from the famous Design Academy in Eindhoven. Besides this project she has many more. Check them out here.

 Every day there is the same question ‘what shall we eat tonight?’ All cups represent ingredients to inspire a great dish.

The cups come in three different sizes and various colours. When you are interested e-mail Elke or come and visit my pop-up shop from half april till end of May in Rotterdam!! (More info soon!!)

Shop hunting in Buenos Aires

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When I take a look at all the photos we took in Argentina I don’t know where to start. Luckily my love already made a start over at his blog Cloud Cuckoo with all the photos he took with his Leica. Check it out for us wandering around and our new years eve party in Buenos Aires.

I just begin with the last day. Mixing business with pleasure I decided to walk around Palermo to hunt for nice shop that might be interested in Lennebelle. In the morning we had breakfast at Magendie, a great place I will tell you more about later. I made a route using the really nice ‘mapas de buenos aires’.

There were two shops I really liked in this neighbourhood, the conceptstore Pehache 1418 and the lovely Mono + Nido: Kit Amigo. Before our trip I had found Mono through checking out blogs. Mono is a stationery brand with great little booklets and ofcourse I had to have one for all my to do lists. I also found these cute leaf-pot holders by Misa a Pan. Check out more about Mono here and Mise a Pan here. Besides they had the pretty jewelry by Emedemarta.

Handwoven treasure

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This is my recent second hand treasure! A handwoven rug from Guatemala with two quetzales in the middle, the national bird of Guatemala. I think it will find a fine spot in our new home. It is so pretty and the colours are so nice!

Exchange Project: Louise Mills Textiles

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The new exchange project by Louise Mills Textiles! It was such a pleasant treat when we came home from Argentina to find these four in the mailbox very pretty wrapped (see earlier post)These napkins are handwoven by Louise Mills from  the UK. I love the colours she works with and there is even a little glitter in them which I love but which does not come across on the photos. Louise creates great handwoven pieces and she even sold a couple to Victoria Secrets. Weaving is Sexy! Check out more of her work here and here.

And I seem to appreciate and like weavings more and more. Also in Argentina we went by the ‘camino de los artisanos’ in the Andes where people were sitting outside their houses with their loom weaving carpets, scarfs and ponchos, dying them with natural colours. It was great to see al these pieces made by hand!

Cosy, cold & crowded Swanmarket

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Last sunday I was at Swanmarket selling Lennebelle christmasgifts! It was cosy, cold and crowded.With my new winterboots and cups of hot chocolate and gluwein we kept warm. It got dark pretty early so everything was lit with candles. It was nice standing next to Irma and Carola Zee with her beatifull ceramics. Still in love with her work I bought one soft pink cup and she gave me a mint green one as an early x-mas present, so nice! Thanks Carola.