First point of sales in Australia, Melbourne: “A shop called Moth”

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Thanks to Jayne Driver I will have my first point of sales in Australia at ‘A shop called Moth‘ in Melbourne! This is just the beginning, so Australia here I (made by l e n n e b e l l e) come! Jocey Davidson is the owner of a shop called Moth! I love what I have seen from her shop; the interior, the brands, the logo.

Unfortunately I can’t just take a look over there but when you do live nearby check it out and say ‘hi’ from me!

<3 Antwerp

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We went to Antwerp for two days and besides the rain it was lovely to get out of Rotterdam for a while. We stayed at a friends place in the city centre above a cosy bakery, the perfect spot from which to wander around. I wanted to take a lot of photos but unfortunately I only took the flower photo at the uberhip conceptstore Ra where we had lunch.

We also visited Juliette Bogers in her oh so cute shop at the Wolstraat 32, filled with her own fashion label and work from other talented designers like; Marjolein Delhaas, Barbara Munsel, Nadine Kieft en Iefke de Roos.

Restored (new point of sales!)

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Last week I had a perfect day biking through Amsterdam with Sophia. We had an early appointment at Restored with the owners Marijke and Petra. They are selling my jewellery now as well! I simply love their shop at the Haarlemmerdijk. It is a conceptstore filled with young designers like; Lenneke Wispelwey, Tas-Ka, Satara and many more. The atmosphere here is just perfect, you can feel their passion for true creativity!

When in Amsterdam you should definitly visit Restored and say hi from me! They will also be the first in the Netherlands to sell Frankie Magazine!

♥ Restored: ➔ SiteShop

Dresses & skirts

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dresses-and-skirts Since I started sewing I mainly sew dresses and skirts, no pants and rarely a top. These are just a few items I made in the last year, for friends or for myself! Just now I finished some big cushions for our summer balcony. I still got a whole wishlist of things I want to sew. First thing is a long black simple dress with a low back.

I am so lucky to have the market with a large fabric part right next door where I can find amazing fabric for a euro per meter. But I still would love to go here!

Always with me

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I always have two Susan Bijl bags with me where ever I go. You just put them in your regular bag and they come in handy (and ‘green’) when you go shopping in the city or to the market. I simply love them and can’t leave the house without. There is a new line of bags which come in leather. Check them out here.

♥ Susan Bijl: ➔ Site ➔ Shop