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Three ladies with a (delicous) mission: Broodnuchter ‘Culinairy Creative Collective from Rotterdam’

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These three ladies have an appetite for good stories about food and a hunger for sharing these stories with you. (Sophia; photographer, Dore; writer & presenter, Daphne; journalist)

With Broodnucher they are discovering Rotterdam through it’s  inhabitants and their love for food. They are interviewing, filming and photographing the dishwasher from a Michelin star restaurant, the owner of the best coffee spot in Rotterdam or students doing their groceries in search for a unique story.

Check out their website; Broodnuchter and join them on Facebook!

Buitengewoon in het land; an extraordinary dinner in the countryside

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One of the last real days of summer we enjoyed an amazing dinner with friends in the country. We went to winery ‘De Kleine Schorre’ in Zeeland where we had an outside dinner organised by ‘Buitengewoon in het land‘. Their concept; put the table in the countryside and the products of the country on the table. A traveling restaurant without walls, serving natures produce made by passionate chefs and organised by farmers.

It was extraordinary, delicous and with so much passion and attention for details. First an aperitif at the farm and an introduction to chef Rene Pluym followed by a walk into the vineyards. A long table was set and to get to know the person sitting next to you we had to bring our own plates with a personal text at the back to inspire conversation. Great idea! After the first course the sun was setting and after a while candles came on the table, blankets were handed out and firebaskets were lit under a beautifull clear and starry night!

This was an evening I won’t soon forget!

Get an impression here. The short film of dinner at winefarm ‘De Kleine Schorre’ will follow soon.

Designer Breakfast at Mmousse organised by Restored

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Yesterday I had the ‘Designers Breakfas’ at Mmouse at a cosy canal street in Amsterdam. This morning was organised by Restored and was all about ‘branding’ your label. Together with other designers like Halona, Grannies Finest, Maartje van Noort and more we enjoyed a lovely breakfast continued by a lecture in ‘branding’ by Marjon and Maud from Mmousse. The whole event was really inspirational and educational but will need some serious follow up for Lennebelle in the near future! Can’t wait to get started.


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This great little place in Rotterdam was a new discovery for me eventhough it exists already for two years. How could I have missed this gem? Warmoesmarkt is situated on Katendrecht in Rotterdam. A small local grocery shop with delicous bread, homemade jams and chutneys, cookies and pies and much more in a cosy, vintage setting.

For breakfast or lunch you take a plate and make your own with all the buns, sandwiches and toppings you want.

Eat & Cook

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LA in Bloom: Weeknight Dinner Party from LAinBloom on Vimeo.

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.

We have got nothing planned for this weekend, I love that once in a while. I enjoy all the dates, weddings, birthdays, trips, visits, markets and fairs but once in a while its just great to have no schedule at all. The only thing I want to do is eat & cook.

It has been a while that I have taken the time to make something special. Recent Elle Eten (Food) inspired me to make a quiche and I really want to make a cake with the pears my mother gave me fresh from the orchard of a friend and I feel like home made soup and fresh pasta!! (check out our ‘pasta domenica’!! )I also love a good cheese platter and charcutterie with a nice glass of wine.

These two video’s will give you the same enthusiasm about getting into the kitchen as I am having right now! The first by Tiger in a jar (also check out their other lovely video’s) and the second one by LA in Bloom.

Claridge wine spritzer

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Ten years ago I worked a summer in the USA at Lake Powell (Utah-Arizona) as a boatinstructor on the lake. This is where I met the lovely Dawson and Sherri Claridge. This couple are globetrotters at their finest. Last week they stayed at our place for a couple of days and it was great to see them again. They wish to have a guesthouse in Denver one day and they will be the perfect hosts.

It was like having in house catering while having them at our place. They served the most lovely food and they gave me the recipies! Also loved their fresh homemade ‘spritzer’! Dawson & Sherri, it was great to have you stay with us and thanks for everything!

Coffee moments

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I always love those ‘coffee moments’ in the morning. It gives this cosy feel and with something sweet it always feels like a little treat for yourself. Especially when it all looks so perfect like in the photos above and the photos I made a while ago here and here. I really can enjoy these ‘coffee moments’!

Have a lovely weekend!

(all images and sources can be found on my tumblr)

For the love of friends & cooking

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When I came back from traveling Asia at the end of april I decided to document all the recipies of the dinners I have every single monday with my friends! We are with the five of us (one lives abroad so she’s never there) and eat together every monday at someone elses place. We have a nice meal and watch Grey’s Anatomy or something like that with tea and cookies while discussing the big and the small things in life.

This year was full of delopment, people buying houses, getting engaged or pregnant. So much to talk about. Everybody having its own hectic life it is so nice (and I think special) that we still have this sacred monday dinners to get together. So for Sinterklaas (dutch celebration) I gave them all a little cookbook with all the recipies!

Passion for food crafts: Chocolate

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A friend told me about these passionate brothers from Brooklyn, The Mast Brothers, making the perfect chocolate, bringing in their special cacoa beans into the harbour of New York with their own sailing ship and hand picking all beans by themselves to garantee the best chocolate.  The attention for detail, the effort to do everything by hand, the pretty finishing touch with the gorgious paper wrapping and their beards make me smile.

Short movie ‘The Mast Brothers Chocolate’