A little hamster is all about the moments of joy in life! I am Lenneke, a jewelry designer for Lennebelle Jewelry from the Netherlands.
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A little hamster is all about the moments of joy in life! I am Lenneke, a jewelry designer for Lennebelle Jewelry from the Netherlands.
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If I could save time in a bottle,…

Leica Mette 5

I want to save every moment with Mette, her first smile, how she grows (we make photos every week when we have our family bath in the weekend to keep track) how it feels to breastfeed her, to hear the sweet sounds she makes, the songs I sing and hum, everything with us together in the comfort of our home now as a family, the trips we make, all milestones. I want to keep it somewhere to never forget.

I am printing out photos, making a first year baby book and bought this great ‘My life story’ book where you can write down a whole life’s journey. I will keep this journal for Mette until a certain age (18?, 35? a special moment, giving birth herself?) and give it to her to fill in the rest. Plus we are thinking about another blog to save all the beautiful photos Joey is taking. (very much inspired by this blog; The road is home, love it)

And now I discovered the Time Capsule!

I love the idea of the Time Capsule. Keep your treasures and memories of a special moments in this box. The box comes with beautiful designed stationary like a notebook, wrapping paper, tape and more.

The Time Capsule is designed by Anouk van der El, Venour, Mae Engelgeer (Yes, we know her, she makes the beatiful textile designs like the towels I sell at minishop Confetti) and Marloes Sijm.

They will be available at Minishop Confetti soon. They are €34,95. If you wish to pre order just send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

(If I could save time in a bottle,.. is my mothers’ favourite song, the lyrics are beautiful)


The printed version


Besides the little video we made for Mette’s birth announcement we also made a printed one for close friends and family and people who are not so familiar with the internet! Again it was a lot of fun to find a nice idea for the card and to make them!

Not so many blogpost at the moments because I am enjoying motherhood!

Pom pom

I really like these pom poms. I found this one at the online shop ‘Een nieuwe avontuur’ and I could not resist and bought one just for fun for my workspace. They are in three different sizes and come in all colors of the rainbow and are made by ‘Omstebeurt’. Take a look here!

Response s’il vous plait

When in Berlin and you love stationery you definitly must visit RSVP! My love brought me these little gifts from this lovely shop. I really like their little business card.

And this morning I had a delicious breakfast with Rosemary white bread and Chia tea.

For the love of paper: Essimar

I discoverd Essimar via Loveology and can’t stop surfing her blog. Her work, the colours,…especially for a paper-lover like me it’s addictive! What she makes is pure eye candy; the postcards, the installations, the animals, the paper jewellery.

Esther Ramirez is the artist behind Essimar based in Chicago. She sells her work on Etsy! And I also got inspired by her original gift wrapping ideas.

♥ Essimar: ➔ Site ➔ Shop

Studio Fludd

This makes me happy on a monday morning! The magnets and stationary by Italian based young creative collective by the name Studio Fludd.

♥ Studio Fludd: ➔ Site ➔ Shop

Tiny Red

Lately I came across this website Tiny Red by Tereza Row. The illustrations and graphics are lovely! The illustration below is the header from her blog. It got me inspired to rethink my own header. Almost a year now and I am getting a bit fed up with it. What do you think?

♥ Tiny Red: ➔ Site ➔ BlogShop


These pretty papercuts are from Peter Callesen. The patience and steady hand you need to make this is just amazing! Much more to see at his site!

♥ Peter Callesen: ➔ Site

Writing letters from Cambodia

Today we crossed the border from Vietnam to Cambodia! Between all the enjoyment of traveling  I found time to write some letters to loved ones at home! It so much nicer then only by e-mail!

The ‘Q-tip’  in the picture is a special Vietnamese one made from little chicks  feathers. So soft and so much nicer to look at then to put in your ear!

More travelpics at www.cloudcuckoo.nl

Mieke Willems = :-)

Loving all things paper I fell in love with Mieke Willems; their blog, their shop, it does not matter it is al equally cute and fun! Eventhough their shop is pretty close, in Antwerp, I did not get the chance to visit them.

Luckily they have a webshop and I already made a little wishlist bellow! Cute basket, warm winter socks, bright pink agenda (comes in handy in the new year), a do it yourself calendar, fun tape, a travel journal (a bit too late), an cosy cushion.

♥ Mieke Willems: ➔ Site ➔ BlogShop

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