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Walking the streets of London

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Today I will go to London with four of my best friends! Yeah!! I have been in London ages ago and can’t remember a thing but everybody says it is a great city! We have rented an appartment and ofcourse we will go shopping and have lots of cups of tea and most certainly go dancing! Hope to make some lovely photos!

This London papercut map made by Famille Summerbelle is great. Famille Summerbelle is a blog, shop with mainly papercuts for decorating childrens rooms. I love these maps! They also have Paris and soon a New York papercut map.

* Have a nice weekend! I am sure I will! *

A love for posters # 2

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for like ever

A long time ago I fell in love with this poster ‘For like ever’. I saw it on the cover of a magazine I bought in Canada; Domino Magazine. Not thinking I was able to buy it. A few months later I was sitting in the train to Amsterdam when I spotted this guy wearing a t-shirt with the same text! After some internet searching I found it at a Brooklyn NY based graphic design office ‘Village‘. They doubled the price but it is still available here.