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Trying something new! I found these strings with gemstone beads at a fair and could not resist the colours. It’s Jade, Agat, Aventurijn and Amsthyst. One of my first collections is a gemstone collection my grandfather gave me. I loved all these colourfull stones in a large wooden box with an explanationbooklet and a magnifying glass. This box is somewhere at the attic of my parents but it’s time to dig them up and recover my interest in gemstones.

Made by lennebelle package shipped to,…

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How idylic looks this little town on the Greek Island Andros?! Today I will send a package filled with Made by lennebelle necklaces and bracelets to this small paradise. I really need a break at the moment and would love to jump in the box and be shipped off to Greec together with the glass tubes, jewelry and displays,…The shop is owned by Kiki but is not open yet. I have only seen the front and that looks lovely already. Will post more when the shop is open!

Inspiration & wishlist

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This is my jewelry inspiration board & wishlist at the moment. I love to see the work of others. To see what they do, the materials they use, their style. Most labels seem so much more mature than Made by lennebelle, but I will get there too some day!  I’ll just stick to my own thing and keep on going and enjoying.

On top of my wishlist is for sure the loop ring by Saskia Diez and the fox claw earrings by Odette NY. I also adore the cloud ring by Twinklebird.

(check out my tumblr for all images and sources and below all labels, if I missed one please let me know)

JEWELRY WEEK: My collection

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Here a sneak peak of my humble jewelry collection. There is more but this is what I wear at the moment. Some pieces more then others. My favourites at the moment are the earring by Eva Schreuder, my new braides feather necklace in mustard yellow and my watch which I got from my sister for my 30st birthday. There are vintage finds and special gifts, earrings by Isabel Marant, necklaces by Scout Holiday and Iefke de Roos, brooches by Remona Poortman and Sandra Turina, bracelets by me, MHL studio and Charlotte Wooning. Treasure them all and would love to expand with a few items which I have on my wishlist.

What jewelry designers do you admire?

JEWELRY WEEK! SPRING -30% DISCOUNT & SPECIAL SPRING COLOURS * blossom pink * violet purple * spring green

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Spring is in the air and in full bloom! To celebrate the season the shop will give a discount of -30% for all orders from today till June 11th! Use the word SPRING at the coupon code box when you place your order.

And there is a special edition of Spring colours. Powder soft colours in blossom pink, spring green and violet purple only available this season!

Check out the shop here!

JEWERLY WEEK! Jewelry collections

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The jewelry collections are photographed by Jeana Sohn  from the blog Closet Visit where she  takes a peak in inspirational womens’ closets. With each visits she also shows their jewelry collection! I love to see what these women wear. My head is full of ideas for Made by lennebelle and I can’t wait to work them out! Because of the Exchange Project my own collection of jewelry is growing too. I will show you this week! And also loved this painted jewelry collection by Chau.

The exchange project: Puur Anders (Mothers day special)

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This exchange project get’s me more and more excited about getting to know the work of new designers. ‘Puur Anders’ (Pure Different) e-mailed me to join The exchange project. I saw her work once via Pia Jane and loved it. Miranda, the jewelry designer, has an unique style and a new collection called ‘Hidden memories‘.

The collection is based on history and childhood memories of her own but you can also choose for a customised piece of jewelry with your own hidden memory. I thought to stick with the concept and trade for this very cute pineconeleaf brooche with a photo of me and my sister when we were 3 and 5 years old. It was the perfect Mothersday gift.

See all her work on her website; Puur Anders and her shop. For a customised piece you can send her an e-mail.

The final version

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I think I shot over a 1.000 photos, not knowing where to start, what it should look like,…only 26 made it to the final catalog. Now it is time to spread it around and find amazing shops all around the world who are interested. If you have any suggestions please let me know! It is always best to find good places (shops) via reccomendations. You can see the whole catalog here.

The exchange project: Jennifer Zinn

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These very pretty braided necklaces, Kumi style, are part of my new exchange project with Jennifer Zinn. She lives in the USA and makes beautifull handmade necklaces and bracelets. Check out her blog here and here shop here. It is always so much fun to get a package from somewhere in the world with a chared idea and a little treasure inside!