The exchange project: Eva Schreuder

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Already the fourth jewelry exchange! This time I traded with Eva Schreuder. I got this special necklace, ‘Etiquette’ last christmas from my love made by Eva. Afterwards we have been e-mailing and she actually was the one who suggested to exchange jewelry. Now we finally did and I love my new earrings called ‘petit pois’, wearing them every day since I found them in the mailbox. I would love to have a matching ring but am still looking for a good reason to treat myself!

Check out her collection and shop here. Eva’s jewelry is all handmade and unique in its style. I also love the lost rope ring ‘fils perdu‘.

Big Big Big Things!

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These photo’s are taken by Big Big Big Things for their online shop! I love love love them! I can learn something from Rebecca, who is the owner of Big Big Big Things and lives in San Franscisco. My bracelet will also be sold on pop up shops and trunksales down the west coast of the USA, how fun is that!?!

I am busy up dating and refreshing my own online shop as well and this gave me true inspirations!

The exchange project: Sandra Turina

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The first time I saw Sandra’s work was at Restored, a shop where I also sell my jewelry in Rotterdam where they support young desingers and loved the bright coloured details in her work. She herself calles it a sprinkle of colour, that missing touch in your outfit. Turina jewelry is all about thrilling colours, contrasting structures and suprising materials.

I fell in love with this golden boat pin! Isn’t it cute. I will be really nice on a simple shirt or jacket! See all of Turina’s jewelry and online shop here.

Have a lovely weekend!

The exchange project: MHL Studio

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Appreciating the work of other designers and an idea of a designer which will follow soon resulted in The Exchange Project. I love to admire the crafts and style of people who make their items with passion and leave a personal footprint into their work. Not always being able to purchase pretty handmade pieces I find it nice to ‘trade’ eachothers work.

Last weekend at the Swanmarket I met Monique from MHL Studio for the first time. We have been e-mailing for a while and I visited her shop, Bon Bon Boutique in Amsterdam, some weeks ago. We swapped our jewelry; I got this beautiful silk braided bracelet with silver button and the ‘birthday’ brooch, she picked the pinecone necklace with wooden beads and a clay green tassel.

The Exchange Project will feature a new true inspiring designer every week. If you are interested in joining in just send me an e-mail!

Bon Bon Boutique

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Last weekend I enjoyed just another day cycling through Amsterdam with one of my best friends hopping from coffeecorner to farmers market at the Noordermarkt and from cosy bar to tiny sushiplace to hip and trendy bar Lion Noir (museumlike-very nice interior)

Going from one canalstreet to another we passed this cute little shop; Bon Bon Boutique. It got my attention because of the tiny pink chair. I never knew this was the shop owned by Monique van Bruggen from Studio MHL and her friend Bonne van de Ree. I admire their work and it is a pitty they will have to leave this place but they will both continue their work. Keep track of them here and here.

My x-mas gift from my love by Eva Schreuder

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My x-mas days aren’t over yet and still enjoying it. Yesterday we had bruch, dinner and gifts at our parents. We really got spoild and our bellies full.

When we got home late at night I was suprised by this small christmas gift from my love; A necklace by Eva Schreuder. She punched these silver labels with one word from a little love poem counting 17 words;

‘All trough a lifetime I’ll be loving you….and the day after forever I’ll just start again.’

I really like the word; ‘I ‘ ll’. I just keep finishing the sentence ‘ I will,….’ with new years resolutions!

I found out about the work by Eva via this post by Monique from studio MHL.

ps: made this photo on my x-mas breakfast plate! This was my yummy christmas breakfast!

Busy, busy, busy & a new shop Donna Tienda in The Hague

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The last few weeks have been busy with work, work, work in combination with Made by lennebelle. It is fun but busy and as things are going well with my own jewelry brand, getting some publicity in magazines (soon more) and finding more and more points of sales I need to get more organised and structured in what I do. The latest addition to my list of selling points is the oh so pretty store Donna Tienda in The Hague.

Tommorow I will have a special X-mas item from Made by lennebelle to spoil yourself or your loved one!

Shop update!

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Finally a shop update with new items from made by l e n n e b e l l e. It took some time but I haven’t been sitting still. Made by l e n n e b e l l e is being sold now in several shops in the Netherlands, in America and Sweden en hopefully soon in Australia, Belgium and Japan! Especially the bracelets are doing extremely well. I’m still a humble and small label and excited about these new developments! And of course working on new pieces.

Check out the new items here!