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Busy, busy, busy & a new shop Donna Tienda in The Hague

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The last few weeks have been busy with work, work, work in combination with Made by lennebelle. It is fun but busy and as things are going well with my own jewelry brand, getting some publicity in magazines (soon more) and finding more and more points of sales I need to get more organised and structured in what I do. The latest addition to my list of selling points is the oh so pretty store Donna Tienda in The Hague.

Tommorow I will have a special X-mas item from Made by lennebelle to spoil yourself or your loved one!

First point of sales in Australia, Melbourne: “A shop called Moth”

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Thanks to Jayne Driver I will have my first point of sales in Australia at ‘A shop called Moth‘ in Melbourne! This is just the beginning, so Australia here I (made by l e n n e b e l l e) come! Jocey Davidson is the owner of a shop called Moth! I love what I have seen from her shop; the interior, the brands, the logo.

Unfortunately I can’t just take a look over there but when you do live nearby check it out and say ‘hi’ from me!

My heart wanders

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Stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk just made the prettiest photo of one of my necklaces. I admire her styling and her work plus she is super friendly. I just love how she took the photos and have them as my desktop image. Since I started a photography course a couple of weeks ago I will have to try and make images myself as pretty as these ones!

Remember her books Paris made by hand and Amsterdam made by hand? At this moment she is busy with her next book ‘My heart wanders’ which will be released in 2011 and will be like her travel memoirs from Paris, France, Amsterdam and Italy, filled with beautiful photos (like these!!) and finding inspiration in the everyday. I can’t wait!


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Since this month necklaces from my brand Made by l e n n e b e l l e, are sold at Chance in the United States! Chance is founded by the super friendly Julia Leach, former creative director of Kate Spade.

Chance is build around the ‘basic blue and white striped’ t-shirt , which I love (4 ‘versions’ in my closet!), and is all about ‘simplicity’ , ‘personal style’, ‘adventure’ and ‘design’. My necklaces will be sold at pop up stores and trunk sales in New York and the Hamptons!

Dresses & skirts

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dresses-and-skirts Since I started sewing I mainly sew dresses and skirts, no pants and rarely a top. These are just a few items I made in the last year, for friends or for myself! Just now I finished some big cushions for our summer balcony. I still got a whole wishlist of things I want to sew. First thing is a long black simple dress with a low back.

I am so lucky to have the market with a large fabric part right next door where I can find amazing fabric for a euro per meter. But I still would love to go here!