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Love Lowlands Festival

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Last weekend I went to Lowlands, the biggest music festival in the Netherlands. It’s like being in another world for three days and I loved every second of it. Camping with thousands of people, all tents packed together, no inch between them, the good vibe, the fun, the food, the drinks, being with my best friends and of course the music.

Because we went all of a sudden I did not take the time I should have to get to know the program and what I wanted to see that weekend. Luckily my love is more into music and up to date. I really liked Elbow, Fink, Agnes Obel, Lykke Li, Fleet foxes, Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and Little Dragon. When I watch the video from Elbow (check link) I still get goosebumps, that’s what I love most about these concerts, I think you would call it the solidarity of a crowd.

I will be there next year!

Wandering in Amsterdam with Pia Jane

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This weekend I went to the special ‘Wander in Amsterdam tour‘ with stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk to promote her new book ‘Amsterdam: Made by hand.

We started at the van Rossum bookstore , where Pia handed out these really cute little booklets with a handdrawn map. From there we went with a small group , approximately 15 people to ‘De Pijp’ and wandered there to little ceramic ateliers, artshops and small boutiques. I bought this colorfull towel from ‘De draad‘ to brighten up my kitchen!

At the end we had a lovely high tea in the backyard from the bookstore. A white tent decorated with Pia’s handmade garlands sheltered us from the rain while we were enjoying the yummiest tart and cake. It was a great day! Thanks Pia!

So when visiting Amsterdam don’t forget to take this inspiring book ‘Amsterdam: Made by hand’ to get you to the best spots for your special one of a kind treasures!

Femme chocolat

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Such a sweet song! La Femme chocolat by Olivia Ruiz. Isn’t the video adorable! I have friends who totaly understand this craving for chocolat all the time!

I don’t have this problem, I am la femme du chips! Does not matter what taste; bbq, bolognese, sweet chili, sea salt, cheese onion. You will make me happy  with an XL bag! During college my favourite dinner was a bag of chips accompanied with a bottle of red wine. Luckily not anymore! Only after a bad day a bag of chips is a my biggest comfort. I wonder if I am the only one. I have never met somebody with the same love for chips.

Eat Love

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Proef (translated ‘taste’) was my favourite lunch and tea room in Rotterdam! Just the best place for a bowl of soup or a piece of cake. It was tasty, cosy and intimate and just different in presentation and atmosphere. Proef was run by food designer Marije Vogelzang who graduated from the famous Design Academy in Eindhoven.

The place shut down but Marije continued in Amsterdam, wrote a book ‘Eat Love’ and started out many project concerning food design (like thes cute marshmallow clouds). She just launched her new site ‘ Studio Marije Vogelzang’ and the other site ‘ Proef Amsterdam’ is also worth a visit!

♥ Studio Marije Vogelzang: ➔ Site

♥ Proef Amsterdam: ➔ Site

The Citizen Band

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Wish the The Citizen Band was around the corner But this politically-charged creative cabaret, dance group is based in New York. The shows carry names ‘Je t’aime scumbag’ and ‘chewing up the scenery’ and considering the photos they must be a feast for the eye, kind of burlesque and a have a flamboyant feel to it. All this is led by Sarha Sophie Flicker, a trapeze artist and filmmaker. Read more here.

J’aime la France

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Moi, j’aime la France! I lived in Nice for one year and since then I have a weak spot for everything French. The food (ofcourse), the southern coastline, the fleamarkets with all its ‘brocante’, the total ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘laisez faire’, the girls (nice story here) and not to forget les chansons françaises!

One of my favourites is Vanessa Paradis. Her new album ‘Beste of‘ will debute the end of november. Here you can listen to the first song; il y a.

My favourite songs for now are Bliss and Dis lui toi que je t’aime. And there is this interview which I watched over and over again. Just the way she talks about her love makes me smile!