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The making of the new lookbook

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IMG_5010 IMG_5021Making the new lookbook was a lot of fun but also everytime exciting. I always have this image in my head what it is supposed to look like and it turns out different every time, but in a good way. I was so happy to find Nathalie (the model) by coincidence. I think she is really gorgeous and with my friend Sophia taking care of the photography I knew the lookbook would be in good hands. We did the photoshoot at my place, a lot of light and a lot of white.

The new collection is inspired by our trip to Bali and I used a lot of jade, amethyst and moonstone in pink and grey. And now all items are also available in rose plated.


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Last week I asked Sophia (friend, photographer, co-founder of Broodnuchter ) to make some photos of me and my belly. Often I think pregnancy photos are corny and a little bit strange. But I love Sophias style so I kwew I would be in great hands. I am really happy with the result. My personal favourites are the first one  (because its classic and timeless) and the one with Jack the cat with his eyes closed because it’s a cosy image.

Just counting the days now,…

Christmas breakfast

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We enjoyed our last christmas breakfast with just the two of us and of course Jack, the cat! Joey made some really nice photos with the new camera. (check out more pics at Cloud Cuckoo) Christmas eve and Christmas day we spend with family and we got really spoilt with nice gifts.

As you can see our home is getting more finished every week now. There are a few things I’ll keep on my to do list when the big belly (38 and a bit weeks now!) is gone and ‘working’ in the house is little bit easier.

At this moment I am getting more excited about the near future with the three of us and leaving ‘our lives as we know it’ behind. I am pretty much ready to be a ‘mom’ and can’t wait to meet her.

Corners in our new place

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Here a sneak peak of some corners in our new place. It has been 2 months since we first got the key, so much work has been done but we will probably need another two months to finish it all. We still often say to eachother what an amazing new appartment we have and how lucky we are!

With the first real days of summer the roofterrace is a real treat but also our backyard, the parc t Kralingse bos, just 100 steps away, is just perfect.

A new crush,…

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I have been using Instagram ever since I have my I-phone but never realised I could follow and comment as well,…now I am hooked. Love to share and check out others! Do you use Instagram? Share yours and I would love to check it out. You can follow me using the name Lennebelle.

And I just found out about this fun initiative of Dutch photographer Hanke Arkenbout! She is looking for Instagram users with nice photos about Freedom, Friendship, Nature, Dreams & Travels which will be used in the special Bliss Instagram Mini Magazine. More about this here. I will be joining and you can too just write her an e-mail!


To the beach

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This weekend I am off to the beach! I love this serie of photos called ‘Praia Pequina’ by Christian Chaize. You can just feel a day at the beach. I always love the french fries at the beachrestaurant, the rosy feel after a long day at the beach and ‘beach hair’ (you know what I mean) is always the best!

The makers project

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Jen Causey is photographer and started ‘The Makers project‘; Photographing inspirational artists and artisans from Brooklyn. You have the ‘bakers’, the ‘florist’, the ‘jeweler’, ‘baker’, the ‘parfumer’, the ‘printer’ and the ‘mixologists’. The project has just started and there ar more to come. I always love the passion and personality behind these kind of ‘jobs’. Enjoy Jens’ photography here!