The makers project

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Jen Causey is photographer and started ‘The Makers project‘; Photographing inspirational artists and artisans from Brooklyn. You have the ‘bakers’, the ‘florist’, the ‘jeweler’, ‘baker’, the ‘parfumer’, the ‘printer’ and the ‘mixologists’. The project has just started and there ar more to come. I always love the passion and personality behind these kind of ‘jobs’. Enjoy Jens’ photography here!

Join the Analogue Photography Club

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My love loves his vintage Leica. To share his passion for analogue photography he decided to start a collective of people to share their interest and know how of analogue photography!

Do you live in or near Rotterdam, do you have a Diana F+, Holga, Polaroid, Leica, Canon or any other kind of camera which uses original film just sign up and get together to search for that perfect shot! More information here.

All white

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At this moment, not having a regular job, I have sewing classes, paint classes and photography classes. The photographyclasses my love gave to me as a christmaspresent last year. And I am making progress!

This weeks assignment was to make a ‘still life’ all in white and make photo’s from different points of view keeping the ‘white’ as ‘white’ as possible. And,…I got two fellow bloggers in my photography class, they are creative sisters and both blog in Dutch. Check out their weblogs: ‘From Ezter with love‘ and ‘That’s nice by Barbara’!

My heart wanders

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Stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk just made the prettiest photo of one of my necklaces. I admire her styling and her work plus she is super friendly. I just love how she took the photos and have them as my desktop image. Since I started a photography course a couple of weeks ago I will have to try and make images myself as pretty as these ones!

Remember her books Paris made by hand and Amsterdam made by hand? At this moment she is busy with her next book ‘My heart wanders’ which will be released in 2011 and will be like her travel memoirs from Paris, France, Amsterdam and Italy, filled with beautiful photos (like these!!) and finding inspiration in the everyday. I can’t wait!

Sunday afternoon high tea picnic

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This weekend I was lucky I got to go to Sophia’s birthday (I was supposed to work) and as always it was lovely! In an empty room of the house where she lives we had a lovely sunday afternoon high tea picnic with home baked cheesecake, chocolatetart and scones, homemade soup, couscous salade and much more. And of course everything was styled so pretty. We were sitting on a huge selfmade picnic rug under handsewn garlands.

Check out her photos at Sobinique and photos from her house were recently published on Decor8!!

Delicious in every sense

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For a friend I made a party dress for her housewarming party. The deal was that I would get 4 old but fantastic chairs because mine (from my great grandmother) are falling apart. When I finished the dress she gave me this wonderfull cookbook ‘Festive recipies’. This cookbook is delicious in every sense. The recipes are yummy , the styling is great and the photography is beautiful.

Besides this cookbook being pretty I always find it important that the recipies are easy to make, not time consuming and that the ingredients are simple to get and that’s what this cookbook is all about. It is only published in Dutch and French.

Studio IJm 2

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Just a little bit more Studio IJm. I could not help myself. I had still so many photos left.

Besides all the pretty details in Studio IJm they also had a yummy and very cosy kitchen where ‘chef’ Marlein was making the perfect lunch with lettuce soup and later tea with ovenbaked cookies filled cranberries and plums. We totally got spoiled over there! Marlein also has a cookbook and I can understand why!