Berlin, ich liebe dich!

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Our weekend to Berlin was simply great. I have been to Berlin three years ago but this time was even better. The Michelberger Hotel was so much fun, nice people, nice styling, food, atention to detail and fun! You should stay here if you can. It’s in the nice neigbourhood of Kreuzberg where we rented bikes and hopped from bar to bar, Luzia, Das Hotel (for sure my favorite!), Lugosi, A.Horn, Kleine Reise.

We started the next morning with a healthy breakfast at Marx Cafe and off to explore Mitte neighbourhood and say hi to Marianne from Und Sascha where she sells Lennebelle and to go to R.S.V.P a shop filled with stationary which I adore and did some more shopping. A friend told us about The White Trash bar and it was an experience in itself. Don’t  miss this place!

On Sunday Mauerpark is the place to be when you love fleamarkets, it’s huge and I found some real nice treasures. A pretty rug (below) for the new house, an old pharmacy bottle and a basket for my bike. I think the best way to visit a city is to go by bike. It’s fast, you see everything and you can stop whenever you please.

Any must-go’s, must-see’s, must-do’s in Berlin?!

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This weekend we are going for a citytrip to Berlin. It was my x-mas present for my love! We will stay at the very hip & fun Michelberger Hotel.

We will just rent a bike and go ‘sight-seeing’. Berlin must be filled with great spots, galleries, shops, cafes and bars. I made a small list of places I want to visit with a little help from Petite Passport of course! When you have know any must-go’s, must-see’s or must-do’s in Berlin please let  me know!

This will be our last trip for some time because I will be focussed on my new little pop up shop in april and may and then we will be busy with renovating our new home! Exciting times!

Shop hunting in Buenos Aires

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When I take a look at all the photos we took in Argentina I don’t know where to start. Luckily my love already made a start over at his blog Cloud Cuckoo with all the photos he took with his Leica. Check it out for us wandering around and our new years eve party in Buenos Aires.

I just begin with the last day. Mixing business with pleasure I decided to walk around Palermo to hunt for nice shop that might be interested in Lennebelle. In the morning we had breakfast at Magendie, a great place I will tell you more about later. I made a route using the really nice ‘mapas de buenos aires’.

There were two shops I really liked in this neighbourhood, the conceptstore Pehache 1418 and the lovely Mono + Nido: Kit Amigo. Before our trip I had found Mono through checking out blogs. Mono is a stationery brand with great little booklets and ofcourse I had to have one for all my to do lists. I also found these cute leaf-pot holders by Misa a Pan. Check out more about Mono here and Mise a Pan here. Besides they had the pretty jewelry by Emedemarta.

Snowy Tuscany with my girlfriends

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With three friends I went to Italy to suprise our friend who is living in the hills of Tuscany for her birthday. It was snowing heavily in the Netherlands when we left and when we landed in Pisa it was the same. Living isolated on a hill in Tuscany means no acces in this weather so after an adventurous (car stuck in the snow and a long walk in a snowstorm) trip up hill we finaly arrived like little snowmen on her doorstep. We had a great time snuggling up on the couch together near the fireplace and just chatting the hours away. No problem being snowbound when you are together with your best friends!

Already falling in love with Buenos Aires

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While searching for a nice place to stay I already fell in love with Beunos Aires. This is one of the great houses I came across. It all looks so vibrant, eclectic, colorfull, artsy, inspirational and ‘joie de vivre’,……just to name few. I am counting the days. Find more images from the same house here and I also loved this appartment and we will stay here! (maybe this one when we fly home and stay one more night in Buenos Aires) And it’s so nice to buy some summercloth in sale when it’s getting colder!

Tango, passion, gauchos, wine, glaciers and waterfalls here we come! TIPS & RECOMMENDATIONS ARE WELCOME!!

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We booked our trip to Argentina! We will celebrate New Years eve in Buenos Aires and will take in all the wonders, culture, food and life of Argentina for 3 weeks. I am counting the days till our flight takes of. I can all picture it; the morning I wake up on the first of january, starting a brand new year in such an amazing city, drinking my morning coffee in a cosy bar, strolling down the narrow streets, my love enjoying a good steak for lunch, snooping around in little antique stores, getting my dress on for a long night out!

We won’t plan the whole trip and we will see what happens when we get there. I would love to meet some nice local people, I will check out some spots for Petite Passport but I also would love to hear from you any tips, reccomendations, do’s or don’t do’s when in Argentina! What to do with New Years eve, that romantic restaurant, the must do bike tour, the best wine to taste, the prettiest guesthouse. We will be traveling on budget but will splurge once in a while!

Send me an e-mail or just comment below.

Love Lowlands Festival

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Last weekend I went to Lowlands, the biggest music festival in the Netherlands. It’s like being in another world for three days and I loved every second of it. Camping with thousands of people, all tents packed together, no inch between them, the good vibe, the fun, the food, the drinks, being with my best friends and of course the music.

Because we went all of a sudden I did not take the time I should have to get to know the program and what I wanted to see that weekend. Luckily my love is more into music and up to date. I really liked Elbow, Fink, Agnes Obel, Lykke Li, Fleet foxes, Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and Little Dragon. When I watch the video from Elbow (check link) I still get goosebumps, that’s what I love most about these concerts, I think you would call it the solidarity of a crowd.

I will be there next year!

Claridge wine spritzer

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Ten years ago I worked a summer in the USA at Lake Powell (Utah-Arizona) as a boatinstructor on the lake. This is where I met the lovely Dawson and Sherri Claridge. This couple are globetrotters at their finest. Last week they stayed at our place for a couple of days and it was great to see them again. They wish to have a guesthouse in Denver one day and they will be the perfect hosts.

It was like having in house catering while having them at our place. They served the most lovely food and they gave me the recipies! Also loved their fresh homemade ‘spritzer’! Dawson & Sherri, it was great to have you stay with us and thanks for everything!

I wish I had time

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At this moment I feel a little like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland lately. I wish I had the time to bake a lovely cake like the one above and enjoy it in ‘slow motion’ with a cup of tea.

It’s all fun stuff I am busy with, getting my order ready for Anthropologie, getting friends over from the US, drawing illustration for a nice new kids webshop for the cool girls from SHPPR, brainstorming about a wedding invitation, making new stock for Made by lennebelle and planning a photoshoot with Sophia with the new items I have, organising the third bachelorette party this year, designing my own dress for the third wedding this year, spending quality time with my love this weekend in Eindhoven and next weekend at Lowlands Festival!

Any suggestions for Eindhoven are very welcome! Where to go, what to do, where to eat, shop, dance?

Tuscany wedding

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Tomorrow I am off to Italy to my best friends wedding. This small holiday already starts with the trip to get there. I still get excited every time I take the aeroplane. I will indulge myself in ‘la dolce vita’! Can’t wait.