Longing for a break

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At this moment I am truly longing for a break, just to get away from the daily routine for a while and enjoy life and eachother with a different kind of view and to find some new inspiration. It always feels like your mind is refreshened after a holiday and you see things with a new perspective. Do you know what I mean?

In the past  I already made amazing trips to different parts of the world and can’t wait to explore a little more. We have some nice plans but for now I really look forward to my little trip to Italy next week to my best friends wedding! Hope to make some lovely photos to share with you.


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Closet is a conceptstore & platform for young fashion designers in Antwerp, Belgium. I met  the owners, sisters Katrien and Mieke, at the Modefabriek last january and they are selling Made by lennebelle since their opening in March. Besides the beach we went to Antwerps so last weekend I finally got the oppurtunity to visit Closet. I love how they displayed my jewelry and the shop itself is great too! Check out more about Closet here.

To the beach

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This weekend I am off to the beach! I love this serie of photos called ‘Praia Pequina’ by Christian Chaize. You can just feel a day at the beach. I always love the french fries at the beachrestaurant, the rosy feel after a long day at the beach and ‘beach hair’ (you know what I mean) is always the best!

Made by lennebelle package shipped to,…

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How idylic looks this little town on the Greek Island Andros?! Today I will send a package filled with Made by lennebelle necklaces and bracelets to this small paradise. I really need a break at the moment and would love to jump in the box and be shipped off to Greec together with the glass tubes, jewelry and displays,…The shop is owned by Kiki but is not open yet. I have only seen the front and that looks lovely already. Will post more when the shop is open!

Pink lemonade and cheers to a promising summer

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Warm weather is in the air and I would love some of this pink lemonade. I can’t wait for summer to start and enjoy three weddings, all of them of my closest and dearests  friends, one will even take me for a trip to Tuscany, a romantic camping holiday to France with my love plus stopover in Paris, a weekend at the beach, summer festivals and lazy afternoons on the terras and warm evenings on a candlelit balcony.

Needle in the haystack and Beter & Leuk

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Needle in the haystack is a new online platform for young designers where you can find handmade and unique items from accesories, jewelry, fashion to interior. The website Nith (Needle in the haystack) will be online next week. Nith has it’s own corner in the cosy boutique and lunchroom Beter & Leuk (Better & Fun) in Amsterdam. Last sunday I went there for a delicious breakfast and to check out the display of Made by lennebelle!

Petite Passport businesscard

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Some time ago Pauline from the fabulous traveling blog Petite Passport asked me to design her businesscard! Her blog is all about the hotspots and places to be all over the world. Most of them she tried & tested herself as part of her freelance journalist assignments for magazines.

The card consists of two cards, first the traditional card with logo and contact info on the other card it says ‘Petite Passport reccomends’, to give personalised traveltips, and on the other side ‘Petite Passport was here’, to let a hotspot know she visited and why she loved it.

Besides writing for magazines, Pauline just published two books; Shortbreaks for two and A moment for yourself!

(photo by Pauline herself)

Big Big Big Things!

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These photo’s are taken by Big Big Big Things for their online shop! I love love love them! I can learn something from Rebecca, who is the owner of Big Big Big Things and lives in San Franscisco. My bracelet will also be sold on pop up shops and trunksales down the west coast of the USA, how fun is that!?!

I am busy up dating and refreshing my own online shop as well and this gave me true inspirations!

Ca fait deja longtemps!

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EF – Live The Language – Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo.

I just came across this video via Tumblr (yes I just started and you can find me here,…I love it) At the moment I am reading a book about love and cooking in Paris. I can’t wait to go there again. And I love the French language. More than 10 years ago now I lived in Nice, in the south of France “pour apprendre la langue”. It was such a great year, living in this loving hostfamily, meeting people from all over the world, going to the beach almost every single day and eating des croissants, du fromage and drink des cafes et verres de vins sur la terasse in the sun! It’s the pure ‘Joie de vivre’!

This cute short movie is from the same language school I went to. They also did it for some other cities, here.

Winter wonderland

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A few weeks ago I had a great snow holiday in Switserland, Davos! Only sunshine, blue sky, wooden cottages and a white landscape! I really needed a break and I love being here. Besides skiing, eating cheese fondue, bratwurst and having a beer  or Jagermeister, it’s the ultimate place to relax and enjoy each others company.