<3 Antwerp

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We went to Antwerp for two days and besides the rain it was lovely to get out of Rotterdam for a while. We stayed at a friends place in the city centre above a cosy bakery, the perfect spot from which to wander around. I wanted to take a lot of photos but unfortunately I only took the flower photo at the uberhip conceptstore Ra where we had lunch.

We also visited Juliette Bogers in her oh so cute shop at the Wolstraat 32, filled with her own fashion label and work from other talented designers like; Marjolein Delhaas, Barbara Munsel, Nadine Kieft en Iefke de Roos.

Harvest Festival in my home city

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This weekend I went to my first Harvest Festival in Rotterdam. Never thought it would be so much fun. Farmers, eco-friends and foodlovers were everywhere admiring this years’ harvest. Tasting the most fresh goat cheese, the hottest homemade breadspread and the sweetest eco-muffins while patting rabbits and stroking goats.

So nice to see everybody making such an effort making honest, pure and fresh delicious food! It made me more aware of what I eat daily. Today I made my own dark brown bread with walnuts and raisins with bread flower from the market and just now I took the roasted red onions in balsamico vinegar out of the oven to eat it all togehter as a starter with farmers pate.

Check out some really nice websites (most in Dutch); Kookgenoot, Public Pie, Eigengemaakt, Piens’ veldkeuken, Spek & Bonen

Enjoying a sea breeze

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Last weekend I went camping with my friends and partners at Texel, a dutch island. I love the beach and the sea and wish to go more often. We went waterskiing, had a Miami Vice like boat trip, had a lovely stroll on the beach, wrote some sweet words in the sand, stared at an amazing sky filled with stars and did some wishes!

Summer in the city

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It is summer in the city! It is not that I haven’t had enough sun this year (skipping winter in Asia!) but still the city is so much more fun when the sun in shining. Everywhere in Rotterdam things are happening!

Last friday and sunday we went to ‘De Parade’ a traveling summer festival set up in an old fashioned fair theme! I always love the atmosphere; cosy and laidback with lots of rose wine and ice-cream. It is the place to meet and greet people you have not seen for a while. De Parade is finished in Rotterdam but will visit The Hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam in the following weeks.

♥ De Parade: ➔ Site

And we did some sunbathing in the park near the Euromast. Also here was a lot going on! Huge picknicks with party tent, live music and art performances! Let these sunny days continue,…

Coqui Coqui

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I have seen this resort over at the Selby now for over a dozen times. Coqui Coqui spa has several resorts in Mexico. It looks like a place to dream away. I love the colors and styling.

After our 100 day travel to Asia we made a top 10 wishlist of citytrips & places to travel. Unfortunately Mexico is not on this wishlist so it will have to wait a while! Here a nice interview about Coqui Coqui.

We are back!

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It is weird to be back home after 105 (5 more days because of the vulcano) days traveling in Asia. Every day was a little gift and we have enjoyed every minute. We could have stayed another 100 days easily. The people, the nature, the climate, the food, we loved every piece about discovering a part from the other side of the world.

On the other hand it is great to see friends and family and getting things started again over here!

Read the whole story over at (travel).

Traveling to all corners

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The trans-atlantic travel before exploring Asia this year was South-America with my dear friend Kim discovering Bolivia and Peru. Still when I watch all of our photo’s I am amazed by all the beauty! These are a few of my favourites and there are so much more!


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Waterlilies are all around Asia! They take in a sacred place here! And I can’t blame them, they are so pretty!

And this week I am guestblogging at this amazing blog; ‘The Drifter & the Gypsy‘. Micaela asked me earlier this week. Because of backpacking and lack of proper internet access I had to improvise a little but just check it out! I feel real honored she asked me!