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Summer in the city and the city garden shop

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fotoIt’s summer in the city and finally we finished our rooftop terrace. We can enter the terrace from our bedroom and it has sun all day long. The perfect spot for relaxing, reading, working (why not), playing & bathing Mette, having a bbq with friends or morning coffee! The furniture is custom made by Guido Marsille. It’s like Tetris, you can move it around any way you want. We can also make a huge day bed by connecting both benches and little tables together!

Last but not least I love our terrace to be a green spot in the middle of the city. I try to grow Clematis from the drainpipe and there will be a big planter from 2,5 meters on the left side where I want to grow a small home garden with vegetables. I am not so good with plants, not the owner of a pair of so called ‘green fingers’. I was so happy when I discovered we have a ‘City Garden shop’ in town called ‘Stek’. They are here to make the city a greener place and to give advise and inspiration. Can’t wait to find time, go there and plant my lettuce and carrots! (Will be fun together with Mette in the future.


Family portrait

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pppThis is our family portrait made by Helena from Pop Pop Portraits. I found out about her through this lovely blog ‘Love Taza‘. I love Helana’s style of drawing. The portrait is hanging above our dining room table and I keep looking at it and feeling proud this is my family.
In an earlier post I also told about our plans to start a new blog filled with nice photo’s my love is making of us. It is almost finished and you can find it at; All things Nous.


Mette Elba <3<3<3

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Last week on thuesday, after nine months of patience, our beautiful baby girl was born; Mette Elba. She is a little miracle and it’s amazing what happens when you become a mother. We are enjoying her so much and she is so sweet and adorable. I can’t stop looking at her so that is basically all we do!

With the snow outside we make it cosy inside with the three of us and all friends and family who come to visit and meet her. This is a precious time!

Joey and I made a baby anouncement together. It’s her journey into our lives in a little video. Hope you will enjoy it!  You can also check it at


Christmas breakfast

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We enjoyed our last christmas breakfast with just the two of us and of course Jack, the cat! Joey made some really nice photos with the new camera. (check out more pics at Cloud Cuckoo) Christmas eve and Christmas day we spend with family and we got really spoilt with nice gifts.

As you can see our home is getting more finished every week now. There are a few things I’ll keep on my to do list when the big belly (38 and a bit weeks now!) is gone and ‘working’ in the house is little bit easier.

At this moment I am getting more excited about the near future with the three of us and leaving ‘our lives as we know it’ behind. I am pretty much ready to be a ‘mom’ and can’t wait to meet her.

Happy b-day

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Had a lovely birthday yesterday! Starting with a suprise breakfast with ‘wentelteefjes’ (=french toast; made by my love who checked Youtube how to make them! love, love, love him) Had coffee with a friend in the autumn sun in ’t Kralingse’ forest, then lunch at Vicini and a lovely dinner at home with my parents! Got a really nice present, laguiole knives!

We will continue celebrating my birthday this weekend in Amsterdam, having dinner at ‘Aan de Amstel’ (on my wishlist for ages) stay the night at a lovely hotel, visit an expo at Westergas and eat cake at Proef (also on my to go list for a long time) and do some present shopping in the Jordaan.

This weekend I became an aunt!

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Last saturday I became the proud aunt of my little nephew, Jan Berend! Me and my sister were pregnant together which made being pregnant even more fun sharing everything you experience. The arrival of my nephew was a big suprise, he came a lot earlier then expected but luckily he is doing fine and I am so proud of my sister. For me still 10 weeks to go and I got a new nickname ‘Lennebelly’ (^_^)

Looking forward to cosy moments

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I can’t wait for the moment when our home is finished, the job is done, going on pregnancy leave and find time and peace of mind to get cosy and cuddled up at home.

Would love to make a good dinner at home, getting into the kitchen and get my hands dirty, pancakes for breakfast, a sweet autumn pie, homemade bread with nuts and raisins, spicy pumpkin soup, a nice stew that takes hours on the stove. And reading books, lots of them. Any recommandations for good reads are very welcome!