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En vacance

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Tommorrow I will be going ‘en vacance’ with my best friends and kids (no husbands or boyfriends) to the south of France! Just a little week relaxing at the poolside and by the sea, reading a book, playing around, enjoying good food and company and nothing more. Really looking forward to it!

While I am enjoying ‘mes vacances’ check out this really nice blog ’88 Forever’ by Dutch photographer Danique. Don’t forget to take a look at the Swanmarket XXL post, I am somewhere in the middle!

Images and sources via tumblr.

4 years and counting

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Today is a special day. 4 years together with my big love and we are celebrating in a special way! 5 years ago I fell  in love with my closest collegue at work. It took some time and patience (from my side ^_^) before we got together.

SUMMER GOLD! 20 % discount in the online shop

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Summer has started and it’s time to introduce the gold plated items in the online shop! To celebrate I offer a 20 % discount with every order. Put in the words ‘summergold’ at the coupon code.

Keep in mind when you miss something in the shop (everything in silver is available in gold plated) or  when you wish a customized item you only need to send me an e-email and we will work things out!

Go directly to the ONLINE SHOP TO GET YOUR 20% DISCOUNT!

Images from the new lookbook by Sophia van den Hoek


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This great little place in Rotterdam was a new discovery for me eventhough it exists already for two years. How could I have missed this gem? Warmoesmarkt is situated on Katendrecht in Rotterdam. A small local grocery shop with delicous bread, homemade jams and chutneys, cookies and pies and much more in a cosy, vintage setting.

For breakfast or lunch you take a plate and make your own with all the buns, sandwiches and toppings you want.

Images from Minishop Confetti

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To give you an idea of how the shop looks like here a few images. It was really hard to choose from all the photos that I took. Hope you like it because there will be many more.

At this moment I am pretty busy with running minishop Confetti, getting the online shop filled with amazing products from great people, making orders ready for a great new point of sales for Lennebelle in Helsinki (yes, Finland!) and Brooklyn and looking for the perfect tiles for the bathroom, making interior drawings and filling the first moving boxes for our new appartment!

The opening of minishop Confetti is getting closer!

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Only a small two weeks to go before the opening of ‘pop up’ & online shop Minishop Confetti! The road to get there, organising, planning, contact with the designers is all already so much fun. Last weekend we set up a ‘photostudio’ and with my personal photographer Joey we shot most of the photos for the online shop. Will let you know when it’s up and running!

To stay up to date about everything that is going on at minishop Confetti check out the Facebook page.

From 13/4 till 27/5 you can visit minishop Confetti at Meent 133, Rotterdam! For more information about the shop and the designers take a look at

Me & Plants

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Me and plants is just not the perfect combination. Every time I try again and I keep finding myself giving up after a few months looking at the horrible state my plants are in.

I wish to make things better and just found this book Me & My Plant (which you can download here) via Mieke Willems and her new (very inspiring) website. Luckily our new home will have lots and lots of light and the rest is up to me.

I also recently discovered via First of August there is ‘plant shelter’ for neglected plants. Rachelle, the initiator of the ‘plantshelter’ will take care of all your dried out, sad, ugly plants to make them healthy again!

Image via Mieke Verbijlen

My minishop Confetti will be opening soon!

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I am so excited to tell you that I will be opening my own Pop-Up shop in three weeks in the centre of Rotterdam (Meent 133) in collaboration with Roodkapje.

The shop is called ‘minishop-Confetti’ (it really is small but cosy and on a really nice spot) and will be filled with the work of different designers. One by one they create items that made my heart jump with joy and I hope yours will too! All items will add that extra color to your day.

The shop will open on Friday 13th (my lucky day from now on) till the end of May. For those who can’t make it I will also have an online shop (soon) and will ship worldwide to share these treasure with you! Some of the designers are;

* Iefke de Roos : handmade, handdeyed clothes, scarfs & bags
* Elke van den Berg : unique porcelain cups, bowls & buttons
* Irma : awsome everyday leather shoppers
* Mono : notebooks you can’t go without from Buenos Aires
* Mise en Pan : pretty knitting from Adriana also from Buenos Aires
* De Draad : to brighten up your kitchen, handwoven towels and more
* Niche : for the love of fresh flower-garlands

Check out the minishop Confetti WEBSITE and join the FACEBOOKPAGE!

I would love to get your feedback, questions and suggestions and don’t hestitate to share & spread the word!