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Exchange Project: Lisanne Janssen

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My new home is where my heart is now but the truth is engraved in this bracelet ‘home is where your heart is’! This beautifull brass bracelet is made by graphic designer and illustrator Lisanne Janssen. The bracelets are made in Nepal and engraved with her grandmothers handwriting.

When this package came in the mail it all looked so pretty wrapped with the sweet personal note in perfect handwriting and the really nice box with two small vintage photos. It is all so well taken care of. The bracelet is to wear every day and easy to combine with just about everything. I love the fact that the text is on the inside, it’s like a secret you keep for yourself.

But Lisanne makes more pretty things. Check out her website, blog and more work and shop here!

We bought our dreamhouse!

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The best beginning of 2012. Buying the house of our dreams one day before we went to Argentina. It has everything we hoped for. You can imagine how exciting I am and how nervous I was (glad we don’t buy a new place every year,…;-)

It’s a three level corner appartment in Kralingen neighbourhood, Rotterdam. Exactly 100 years old, build in 1912. It has so many windows, so much light, an open kitchen, all these old features like ceiling ornaments and stained glass everywhere, a bath, an amazingly cosy roof terrace from our bedroom and a huge attic which we will turn into our workspaces and last but not least a fireplace! (we will have to restore it) And it is only 150 meters from the best parc in the city. What else can you wish for?

We were looking for a new place in september, we checked this one out, kept in our mind and it’s the only appartment we visited, it was that simple and obvious this was the one! I could see all the small moments of joy in this house. Making dinner for friends, drinking my morning coffee on the terrace, the sun waking me up, the cat in the window, cuddling with my love on the couch with the fireplace on,….

A lot of work has to be done but I am thrilled to get started, to ‘design’ my dream kitchen and comfy bathroom and am already finding inspiration everywhere. When you have any reccomandations on what to check out let me know!

Exchange Project: Louise Mills Textiles

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The new exchange project by Louise Mills Textiles! It was such a pleasant treat when we came home from Argentina to find these four in the mailbox very pretty wrapped (see earlier post)These napkins are handwoven by Louise Mills from  the UK. I love the colours she works with and there is even a little glitter in them which I love but which does not come across on the photos. Louise creates great handwoven pieces and she even sold a couple to Victoria Secrets. Weaving is Sexy! Check out more of her work here and here.

And I seem to appreciate and like weavings more and more. Also in Argentina we went by the ‘camino de los artisanos’ in the Andes where people were sitting outside their houses with their loom weaving carpets, scarfs and ponchos, dying them with natural colours. It was great to see al these pieces made by hand!

Mailbox surprises

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We just came home from a wonderfull and exciting trip! We had an amazing time. We have done as much as possible to see the most of amazingly pretty Argentina including a little bit of Uruguay and Chile and even a quick visit to Rio the Janeiro yesterday when we had a stopover.

This is what I found in my mailbox! The new give-away from Louise from Louise Mills Textiles (exciting! soon more) a cute present, mini moleskine from Restored and lovely new years letter from Rebecca from Big Things and new presentation display for Lennebelle an antique glasstube holder. Still really dusty which I like very much.

2012 had a great start and I am glad to be back to get started with all the new and exciting things this year. Starting tomorrow! I will be at the fashionfair in Amsterdam, De Modefabriek, participating with the Garagesale Extraordinaire with Trash & Treasure. Have to get everything ready now for tomorrow. Will be back soon cause I got a lot of nice stuff I like to share!

Korean Vogue Girl

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An interview about the Exchange Project in the Korean Vogue Girl! It feels like the cherry on top of the cake after a great year with good business for Lennebelle, with new points of sales worldwide, doing nice colaborations, great exposure in the media and meeting really nice people anlong the way! (thanks Sarah form Vogue Korea for getting in touch!)

The Exchange Project will continue with two great exchanges coming soon! Lovely handwoven napkins by Louise Mills Textiles and pretty handmade & painted ceramic cups by Elke van den Berg.

Swanmarket x-mas edition & DISCOUNT CODE for the online shop!

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Depending on the weather and how I feel (been sick for a few days) I will be at Swanmarket next sunday! Last year was the first edition of Swanmarket and it was all so cosy, with bonfires on the street, hot chocolate and ‘poffertjes’ stands and this time it will be even bigger. So don’t go to the too crowded city but go to Swanmarket  X-Mas edition to get your original, unique and/or handmade gift. I will have loads of the ‘wish upon a star’ bracelets (not only nice as a gift for x-mas but also for new-year) and much more! I will be next to Irma with her beautifull leather shoppers and clutches!

And to treat all my loyal followers on A little hamster I will give you 20% discount with each order!

DISCOUNT CODE: happy2012

Birthday in the woods

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It started with the doorbell ringing on sunday morning,…an amazing suprise breakfast from my best friends, family coming over for dinner and on the day itself, monday, I celebrated my birthday in the woods collecting three bags of pinecones with my 90 year old grandmother! It was a perfect day! The first image is not a dog but a cute babycow.

My heart wanders

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This is my new bedtime reading, My Heart Wanders by Pia Jane Bijkerk. It was on my wishlist for a long time. It was sold out pretty fast so I had to wait a while to get a copy in my hands! I love the way Pia is writing and of course the images and feel of the book is just great. Recently Pia opened her own online shop filled with her own books like this one but also Paris made by hand and Amsterdam made by hand. Check it out here. They will make a really nice christmas gift and these ones are all personaly signed by Pia!

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of Lennebelle’s Golden Give-Away but you can still join. Check it out here or scroll down.