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Join the Golden Give-Away from Lennebelle!

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And here it is; The Golden Give-Away!

I just did a give away once, a long time ago, so I am really excited and curious what you think of the golden version of the tassel jewelry!


A gold plated tassel bracelet and necklaces with amethist green beads and one coral pink bead. The set comes uniquely gift wrapped in a glass tube.

Everybody can join from all over the world.

In order to win you can;

* Leave a comment here
* Join A little hamster on Facebook
* Join Lennebelle on Facebook
* Share this Give-Away via your blog, Facebook or Twitter (and let me know!)

The more entries the more change to win!

The winner will be chosen randomly (via on friday  november 11th! THE WINNER IS EMMA!! CONGRATULATIONS!

Things I love about autumn

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Warm socks, soft vests and long scarfs, cup of hot chocolate with home baked pie, walks in the forest followed by a nice bath, blue cheeses and a glass of red wine, pumpkin soup, a fireplace and lots of candles, snuggling up on the couch with a good book or movie, skirts and dresses with thick thights, cuddling with my love and Jack the cat, golden leafs and a good luck chestnut in my pocket!

Find all sources of the images at my Tumblr.

Wedding hats

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I really like hats but there are not many occasions where you get to wear one. Luckily I had three weddings this summer. I wore a dark blue velvet one to the first wedding, at the Italian wedding I had this amazing hairdo with braids so no hat needed and on the third one I bought this camel colored hat and had a run to the market the morning of the wedding and made a fresh flowerpiece which I put on the hat.

Tango, passion, gauchos, wine, glaciers and waterfalls here we come! TIPS & RECOMMENDATIONS ARE WELCOME!!

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We booked our trip to Argentina! We will celebrate New Years eve in Buenos Aires and will take in all the wonders, culture, food and life of Argentina for 3 weeks. I am counting the days till our flight takes of. I can all picture it; the morning I wake up on the first of january, starting a brand new year in such an amazing city, drinking my morning coffee in a cosy bar, strolling down the narrow streets, my love enjoying a good steak for lunch, snooping around in little antique stores, getting my dress on for a long night out!

We won’t plan the whole trip and we will see what happens when we get there. I would love to meet some nice local people, I will check out some spots for Petite Passport but I also would love to hear from you any tips, reccomendations, do’s or don’t do’s when in Argentina! What to do with New Years eve, that romantic restaurant, the must do bike tour, the best wine to taste, the prettiest guesthouse. We will be traveling on budget but will splurge once in a while!

Send me an e-mail or just comment below.

Grandmothers 90st birthday in the Millinger Tea garden

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Remember this childrens’ tv series ‘Super Gran‘? My grandmother is just like that and she turned 90 two weeks ago, still going strong!

She decided to celebrate her birthday in this amazing setting, the Millinger tea garden near Nijmegen. This lucious garden in the middle of nature was full in bloom and everyting was perfect to the detail, the cuttlery, the tiles, the decoration, the cakes. We went there by carriage with two horses and had a lovely high tea with family. Whenever you are close by don’t forget to visit this little gem in the middle of the Netherlands.

Yardi bag

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This is my new favourite bag! I have seen this ‘paper bag’ kind a bag a few times and my lovely colleague Yardena, who is an up coming bag designer made it for me!

She makes a lot of gorgeous bags. Hope to show you more of her work in the future.

Summer weddings

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Tomorrow I will have my third wedding this summer of one of my best friends Rosemary! So exciting. Just tried on the dress I will wear and still would love to have a nice head to go with it.

This wedding will be in the perfect setting in the brides hometown, at old mansion with a large parc and a romantic arbour. My mother, who is a wedding officer will perform the wedding ceremony which makes it extra special. Can’t wait.

In all the excitement I did not make many photos of the Italian wedding but hope to do a better job this time!

Longing for a break

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At this moment I am truly longing for a break, just to get away from the daily routine for a while and enjoy life and eachother with a different kind of view and to find some new inspiration. It always feels like your mind is refreshened after a holiday and you see things with a new perspective. Do you know what I mean?

In the past  I already made amazing trips to different parts of the world and can’t wait to explore a little more. We have some nice plans but for now I really look forward to my little trip to Italy next week to my best friends wedding! Hope to make some lovely photos to share with you.

Koster + Korstanje

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The new and upcoming North of Rotterdam has a new gem, Koster + Korstanje run by Olga and Christina. Both bag designers (Terra-g and O*) they showcase their own designs and other bags & accesories!

I love the interior and this piece of Rotterdam is getting the right vibe with great new and inspirational places and super friendly people. Made by lennebelle is also sold here, yeah! I love how Olga wears the single tassel necklace!

Check out the website and webshop of Koster + Korstanje

Coffee moments

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I always love those ‘coffee moments’ in the morning. It gives this cosy feel and with something sweet it always feels like a little treat for yourself. Especially when it all looks so perfect like in the photos above and the photos I made a while ago here and here. I really can enjoy these ‘coffee moments’!

Have a lovely weekend!

(all images and sources can be found on my tumblr)