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Academy for the Gifted

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This is no ordinary academy. My love also keeps a blog and shop over at Academy for the Gifted! It’s created for talented people or people who think they are!  It’s about being proud of your capabilities, passionate about what you like and doing what you love. Academy for the Gifted thinks you are special!

The blog is all about fun in life, hanging out with friends, enjoying music at festivals, getting grazy with snowboarding, appreciating other peoples’ arts and crafts and much more! Their shop is filled with t-shirts and other apparel for boys and girls expressing the above! Their new collection just came out! As well as their first video! I am so proud! And it is his birthday today!!

Recently he wrote this sweet post about A little hamster! Check it out over at Academy for the Gifted.

Jack our kitty cat

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Jack was the best christmas present ever! I can’t say he is the sweetest cat but most certainly the most fun cat! Here’s a small introduction;

* Greets you as with a long Miau! and falls on his back to be stroked on the belly
* Loves to chat and tells you whole stories in his own language
* Prefers drinking in the bathtub
* His favourite dish is smelly fish food bus also blue cheese and corn?!
* Likes to lick your armpits
* Always burns his moustache on a candle
* Favourite game, biting toos while you are a sleep
* Thinks bubbles are the prettiest things on earth

Mysterious letters

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mysterious letters

Did you have a penpal back in de days? I had! In Russia and in the USA. We send eachother presents like chocolat, stickers, matroskas and self recorded tapes (I still remember this song; Toy Soldiers!!). I still love the idea of writing letters, sending them as well as receiving them or even a small postcard. But because of e-mail unfortunatly our mailbox contains seldom a handwritten envelop.

This brought two people to the idea of writing personal handwritten letters to people all over the world. Starting with all 467 members of their home town! The goal was to initiate discussions among neighbours and to promote curiosity. It’s an art work consistsing solely of the discussion between the recipients about what on Earth these letters are, who sent them and why, etc.

Some of them are true pieces of art and not one is the same. Check out the whole project at their blog; Mysterious letters.

Autumn is here

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Can’t believe summer is over! It went so fast!  Autumn is knocking on our door and I like it! Getting to wear those comfy scarfs, big sweaters and warm socks. I love it when it is dark and rainy outside, lighting the candles, getting the fireplace started (which I unfortunatly don’t have any more so I will have to do it with a fake dvd fireplace!) having a warm drink or red wine and a pile of magzines or a good movie! But for now the weather is great and I am off to a wedding!

* Enjoy your weekend *

Can’t help myself

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Cant help myself

Last weekend I had a trunk sale with friends to get rid of all the stuff that was piled up in our basement since we moved in together. You could not move an inch cause of all the boxes and crap. I needed to get this space empty because I want to turn it in to a darkroom for my photography in the near future!

But loving thriftstores and flea markets makes me come home with new stuff all the time! This time I found this lovely French brocante shelf in the pretiest colour mint green! I just could not resist!

Inspiration boards

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inspiration boards

Since I can remember I make collages from images and things I love! These inspiration boards change all the time. Sometimes I need a fresh start, get the boards totaly empty and start all over again. It is fun to watch how the boards get filled up again. Obviously I am not the only one keeping up inspiration boards.

Recently I dicovered this Flickr group which is all about amazing Inspiration boards. Carefull it is addictive! As a consequence of this group a weblog was started interviewing inspiring people and showing their inspiration boards.

Paris 100% fait main

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Paris 100 fait main

Soon I will turn 30! To make in a memorable occasion I decided I’d love to celebrate my birthday avec mon amour in my favourite city, Paris. We will go to Paris and do what Parisians do! Having croissants at  a petit boulangerie, sipping wine at a cosy winebargo dancing wearing my new dress, strolling along the Seine and visit to the unique shops described in Paris Made by Hand. There are a couple I really would like to see for myself.

Loving Paris and all things handmade made me crave for Pia Jane’s book ‘Paris Made by Hand’! A real must have. The joy I feel flipping through the pages with pretty pictures is priceless!

Overall Pia Jane’s work as a stylist and photographer is simply great. Check out her site and you can order Paris Made by Hand here.