A little hamster is all about the moments of joy in life! I am Lenneke, a jewelry designer for Lennebelle Jewelry from the Netherlands.
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A little hamster is all about the moments of joy in life! I am Lenneke, a jewelry designer for Lennebelle Jewelry from the Netherlands.
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Lennebelle in the Big Art Calender of Rotterdam 2014

kkProud to be named in the Big Art Calender of Rotterdam 2014, filled with artists from my howetown!


Lennebelle on holliday at Ibiza

mbl holliday picskopie

Being a family now is everything I hoped it would be and more. But I am still looking for the best way to plan and organise everything so therefor not so much blogpost lately because I am really busy behind the scene. The new Lennebelle online shop is up and running and there soon will be three new points of sales! One in Rotterdam, one in Groningen and one in Switserland.  For now;

Made by lennebelle on holiday at Ibiza!

 Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy some holiday in the sun. Pack your bags and don’t
forget to bring some nice jewelry in bright or sorbet colors to finish that party or beach look.
Our new online shop is filled with new silver and gold plated items using precious gemstones in new colors.
Use the promotion code: summerholiday to get 20% discount and free shipping until the end of June

Enjoying every minute of ‘nous’



This is what I do,….enjoying every minute of us three! The pink cloud is no fairytale story and I am living it. Time flies by and in less then two weeks I have to get back to work and ‘normal’ life. But ‘life as we know it’ is gone and I love it! I adore being a family now.

Sorry for not posting that much lately but will be getting back to my my blog, Lennebelle (new website and online shop coming up) and minishop Confetti (new items in the online shop) soon.


Lennebelle in Anthology Magazine Gift Guide

Just by coincidence I found out that the multi tassel bracelet was published in the Anthology Holiday Gift Guide through the lovely Stacy from Leifshop (Brooklyn based online shop) I love this magazine and got a copy for Sinterklaas last year.

Anthology magazine is a lifestyle magazine about home interior, travel, design, food and much more and is very inspiring. In the Netherlands they are available via Restored.

Little baby bump

This photo was taken yesterday on a lazy sunday morning. There is a little girl on her way and we can’t wait to meet her. Already almost 7 months pregnant. We are preparing our new home for the little one. I feel her moving and kicking more and more each day. I have been feeling pretty well the last months and am looking forward to the last few weeks (which also start to feel heavier), excited to get everything ready.

And the great thing is that I am pregnant togehter with my sister, only 12 days apart! How special to have our kids almost or maybe exactly the same age!

En vacance

Tommorrow I will be going ‘en vacance’ with my best friends and kids (no husbands or boyfriends) to the south of France! Just a little week relaxing at the poolside and by the sea, reading a book, playing around, enjoying good food and company and nothing more. Really looking forward to it!

While I am enjoying ‘mes vacances’ check out this really nice blog ’88 Forever’ by Dutch photographer Danique. Don’t forget to take a look at the Swanmarket XXL post, I am somewhere in the middle!

Images and sources via tumblr.

Or this one?

Or this one? I can’t choose. I bought this rug in Argentina near Salta in the Andes mountains. The cushions were a birthday present from the girls when we were shopping in Antwerp. They fit perfect together! But maybe better in the bedroom.

We moved in last weekend but the apartment is still a big mess, no bathroom and boxes everywhere. Never knew we had so much stuff and I already got rid of so much things. But I am still focused on the final result and that will be amazing. Just a few weeks of hard work and then holliday to France with the girls and to Lowlands Festival. Really looking forward to this!

An appartment with a sea of light

At this moment times are busy and exciting. Minishop Confetti will be open for just another week and that will be the end of the first ‘pop up’ of Confetti. It was and still is a lot of fun to have my own little shop filled with all the things I adore so much and sensing others feel the same.

And we finally got the key of our new appartment! A lot has to be done but the result will be amazing! The appartement, this year 100 years old, itself is already amazing and we just want to paint everything, do some renovating and a new bathroom and kitchen.

We are on the first, second and third floor. It is double the size of where we live now and what’s best about this place, it’s a sea of light everywhere! Can’t wait for it all to be finished and waking up and opening the door from our bedroom to the sunny roofterrace, just sit there and do nothing for a while! Mmmmm, still a couple of weeks to go!

Images via Tumblr. Photos from our new place hopefully soon! Check out how it looks now here

>> read more

the pop up shop Confetti still 2 weeks to go

Some more photos from the shop made by Sophia. Still 2 weeks to go for the pop up shop at Meent 133, Rotterdam! It was great to have all the brands displayed together in a nice cosy shop. When the shop is closed Confetti wil continue as an online shop and will add new items often.

We bought our dreamhouse!

The best beginning of 2012. Buying the house of our dreams one day before we went to Argentina. It has everything we hoped for. You can imagine how exciting I am and how nervous I was (glad we don’t buy a new place every year,…;-)

It’s a three level corner appartment in Kralingen neighbourhood, Rotterdam. Exactly 100 years old, build in 1912. It has so many windows, so much light, an open kitchen, all these old features like ceiling ornaments and stained glass everywhere, a bath, an amazingly cosy roof terrace from our bedroom and a huge attic which we will turn into our workspaces and last but not least a fireplace! (we will have to restore it) And it is only 150 meters from the best parc in the city. What else can you wish for?

We were looking for a new place in september, we checked this one out, kept in our mind and it’s the only appartment we visited, it was that simple and obvious this was the one! I could see all the small moments of joy in this house. Making dinner for friends, drinking my morning coffee on the terrace, the sun waking me up, the cat in the window, cuddling with my love on the couch with the fireplace on,….

A lot of work has to be done but I am thrilled to get started, to ‘design’ my dream kitchen and comfy bathroom and am already finding inspiration everywhere. When you have any reccomandations on what to check out let me know!

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