She is getting so big!

By 18/06/'14Family


Mette is now almost 1,5 year. She is the cutest, prettiest, smartest little creature I have ever seen, but of course I am her mamma. She makes me smile everyday. I love getting to know her better and better, love to see how she is turning into this little lady with a strong personality.

She loves to cuddle and to ‘nose rub’, she is always very impressed by the moon and everything that looks like the moon. She talks all day long and knows already so many words, so it starts to look like we are having real conversations. She adores my cuisine and eats everything but going to bed is a battle everytime. On our days together we jump on the cargo bike and l go to the zoo, play garden, farm, library, the parc.

I had always thought she would be a mini-me, but she is absolutely not but sometimes in a blink of an eye I see something so familiar it’s like I see a little bit of me in there! My mother heart is super strong and I am amazed how this gradually changes you, a shift in things that matter and and a big change in priorities.