I always love those ‘coffee moments’ in the morning. It gives this cosy feel and with something sweet it always feels like a little treat for yourself. Especially when it all looks so perfect like in the photos above and the photos I made a while ago here and here. I really can enjoy these ‘coffee moments’!

Have a lovely weekend!

(all images and sources can be found on my tumblr)

  • http://www.oldyarns.com.au Kristina

    Yes! Coffee moments are like little rewards for getting through the first part of the day. A lovely ritual. K.

  • http://juultjeswickedmind.blogspot.com/ Julie

    Ik wordt altijd erg blij van koffie momentjes!! De geur van koffie, mooi schuim…lekker!!

  • http://homecollection.blogspot.com Marion

    Nice selection of pictures of a nice moment!