For the love of friends & cooking

When I came back from traveling Asia at the end of april I decided to document all the recipies of the dinners I have every single monday with my friends! We are with the five of us (one lives abroad so she’s never there) and eat together every monday at someone elses place. We have a nice meal and watch Grey’s Anatomy or something like that with tea and cookies while discussing the big and the small things in life.

This year was full of delopment, people buying houses, getting engaged or pregnant. So much to talk about. Everybody having its own hectic life it is so nice (and I think special) that we still have this sacred monday dinners to get together. So for Sinterklaas (dutch celebration) I gave them all a little cookbook with all the recipies!

  • Vanya s.

    Your post reminded me about the time when I was single and we used to have a similar tradition with a bunch of friends.I was the one who lived away and I liked to visit them for the Holidays and we would cook delicious meals, share a glass of wine and talk and dream about life till late at night.Thank you for sharing.I like your blog and check it regularly.

  • anne

    that is such a wonderful idea – both the monday night dinners and the book…

    and beautifully executed; i would have loved to be a recipient!!