What I liked today,…

Taking a look at my tumblr always makes me smile. It’s a summary of all the images, photo’s, music, video’ I like, love and inspire me! This is a small selection of recent picks. Check out sources and more here.

  • http://www.puuranders.blogspot.com Miranda

    Heerlijk hè, al die prachtige beelden die er te vinden zijn. Die ruime blauwe broek lijkt me heerlijk zitten!

  • http://mackapar.blogspot.com/ Mackapär Ulrika

    So nice!

  • http://homecollection.blogspot.com Marion

    Super nice selection!

  • http://www.casaecose.com Casa e Cose

    want those blue slouchy pants with a slouchy v-neck tshirt – why is that so hard to find?