This weekend I was lucky I got to go to Sophia’s birthday (I was supposed to work) and as always it was lovely! In an empty room of the house where she lives we had a lovely sunday afternoon high tea picnic with home baked cheesecake, chocolatetart and scones, homemade soup, couscous salade and much more. And of course everything was styled so pretty. We were sitting on a huge selfmade picnic rug under handsewn garlands.

Check out her photos at Sobinique and photos from her house were recently published on Decor8!!

  • What lovely photos! The party sounds magical 🙂

  • Looks beautiful.

  • Michelle

    I am so inspired to have an indoor picnic (what a great idea on a rainy day, too). Lovely, thanks for sharing!

  • Great! I love the idea too 🙂

  • Music in the park one day and high tea another…bliss!

    Ingrid x