Having more focus and knowing better what my priorities are also meant a better time management and realizing that I had to skip some things that are really so much fun to do but are too much. For example minishop Confetti, I put my heart and soul in this project in 2012 and loved creating the look, coming up with a name, getting all the great small labels together. For me it felt I had all the items that I really find beautiful, in one place. It took me some time and a lot of convincing from my better half to take the step and let it go.

So hereby I want to thank all the designers that participated for their enthusiasm and  joining my shop!

Confetti has stopped but you can continue shopping all the pretty handmade products via their own websites or at other shops.

Miga de Pan, Twinklebird, Iefke de Roos, Elke van den Berg, Mae Engelgeer, Niche, Keecie, De Draad