The babyroom is almost finished!

Here a sneak preview from the babyroom. Only 6 weeks left. You can imagine I am counting the days till she is joining us and we will be like a real family not just a couple with a cat! I am starting to look forward to it more and more and getting more excited and even a bit nervous.

We have a really nice new camera, the Canon 5D Mark III so Joey is very happy with his new toy and is practicing at the moment to make pretty shots. Most of them are from me with my growing belly. Check out the Dutch magazine, Ouders van Nu in the near future, you will probably find some photos in there^-^

Last weekend I had my suprise babyshower! It was so much fun and I got really spoilt with all kinds of presents. Today I made a canopy for the cradle and tomorrow I will start making the baby card. A nice new little project to keep busy (never problems with that !)

Check out more photos at Joey’s blog; Cloud Cuckoo.