The room for la petite inspired by our trip in Argentina

The room for the baby is a cosy corner room with lots of light because of three large windows with stained glass. It has white wooden floor and white walls. The rest is up to us to decorate and make it  a pretty and comfortable room for our little girl.

The room is  inspired by our trip into the Andes near Salta, Argentina where we visited the Valley of the Cacti. The stuffed cactus I bought over there (her first baby toy  ^_^) The curtains will be made by Iefke de Roos. She will dye and print the fabric like the bags that I sell at minishop Confetti. It’s hard to choose; feather or cactus? Pink or green? It does not have to be all girly so I prefer the cactus, my love prefers the feathers (what do you think?)

We found the rug in El Cafayate. The lamp is the ‘chestnut origami lamp’ by Snowpuppe and the super cute ‘Rainy day mini blanket’ by Donna Wilson.

I could not choose between Mabel the giraff or Ander, the lion is from Miga the Pan. I choose Ander, the lion, he is a bit handicaped because he misses one ear, but it makes him much less dangerous and better to keep her company while sleeping. The baby bed we found after searching for something else then everything you find at babystores is the ‘crisis bed’ by Piet Hein Eek. I love it!

We are still looking for a nice dresser. Any reccomandations are very welcome. At this moment I am thinking of a second hand piece and paint it in a nice colour. I love the paint by Studio IJM.