From pencil to bracelet

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When I met Hyshil for the new identy and logo for Lennebelle Jewelry I pitched my idea about the mother-childrens jewelry line, Lennebelle Petites. Both being a mom we got really excited about it and started discussing about the first collection being a collaboration. We decided to give it a ‘GO’ and were letting our creative minds flow to get ideas for the first designs. Togehter we came up with four different sets, all with their own theme and inspired by different things.

All sets were drawn by Hyshil and we continued making them perfect from there on. I found the perfect matching gemstone beads and it all came together perfectly. It is great to go from plans & ideas, to visualisation by the illustrations from Hyshil, to an actual necklace and bracelet!

Overzicht Lennebelle Petites1