Wandering in Amsterdam with Pia Jane

This weekend I went to the special ‘Wander in Amsterdam tour‘ with stylist Pia Jane Bijkerk to promote her new book ‘Amsterdam: Made by hand.

We started at the van Rossum bookstore , where Pia handed out these really cute little booklets with a handdrawn map. From there we went with a small group , approximately 15 people to ‘De Pijp’ and wandered there to little ceramic ateliers, artshops and small boutiques. I bought this colorfull towel from ‘De draad‘ to brighten up my kitchen!

At the end we had a lovely high tea in the backyard from the bookstore. A white tent decorated with Pia’s handmade garlands sheltered us from the rain while we were enjoying the yummiest tart and cake. It was a great day! Thanks Pia!

So when visiting Amsterdam don’t forget to take this inspiring book ‘Amsterdam: Made by hand’ to get you to the best spots for your special one of a kind treasures!