Academy for the Gifted

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This is no ordinary academy. My love also keeps a blog and shop over at Academy for the Gifted! It’s created for talented people or people who think they are!  It’s about being proud of your capabilities, passionate about what you like and doing what you love. Academy for the Gifted thinks you are special!

The blog is all about fun in life, hanging out with friends, enjoying music at festivals, getting grazy with snowboarding, appreciating other peoples’ arts and crafts and much more! Their shop is filled with t-shirts and other apparel for boys and girls expressing the above! Their new collection just came out! As well as their first video! I am so proud! And it is his birthday today!!

Recently he wrote this sweet post about A little hamster! Check it out over at Academy for the Gifted.

Stylish dress book

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Weekly I go to sewingclasses at Het Naaicafe and it’s great. After a while you get the hang of it and can make just about anything (with a little help) This is the first season I can create my own wardrobe! Soon I will start with my birthday dress! I will show some of my creations soon!

I love Japanese styling and their taste. The Stylish Dress Book is a simple sewing book, you don’t need to read Japanese in order to understand the patterns. I found this book over at Pomadours’ Etsy shop where they also have lovely Japanese interior design books!

J’aime la France

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Moi, j’aime la France! I lived in Nice for one year and since then I have a weak spot for everything French. The food (ofcourse), the southern coastline, the fleamarkets with all its ‘brocante’, the total ‘joie de vivre’ and ‘laisez faire’, the girls (nice story here) and not to forget les chansons françaises!

One of my favourites is Vanessa Paradis. Her new album ‘Beste of‘ will debute the end of november. Here you can listen to the first song; il y a.

My favourite songs for now are Bliss and Dis lui toi que je t’aime. And there is this interview which I watched over and over again. Just the way she talks about her love makes me smile!

Garance Doré

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This blog is addictive. Garanc Doré weblog; A fille comme moi, is all about fashion. She is a French fashion photographer / illustrator. I met her by accident last fashion week in Amsterdam at the Trash & Treasures where she was photographing for her exposition at dutch fotomuseum Foam. Unfortunaly I missed out on the expo so I just called to see if they could send me some work! Hopefull I can show some photos soon!

Get inspired by all the streetfashion in the big cities and fall in love with her girly illustrations!