Mission impossible succeeded

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polaroidI love polaroids! Unfortunately the polaroid is threatened to be extinct! ‘Was’ actualy cause the Impossible Project came to the rescue. The Impossible Project aims to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010! Yeah, can’t wait!

One of my daily reads is My polaroid blog! Also Jen is running out of stock! See some beautifull polaroids from Chloe Aftel (portfolio-fashion-polaroids) and see some of mine here.

* Have a wonderfull weekend *

Jack our kitty cat

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Jack was the best christmas present ever! I can’t say he is the sweetest cat but most certainly the most fun cat! Here’s a small introduction;

* Greets you as with a long Miau! and falls on his back to be stroked on the belly
* Loves to chat and tells you whole stories in his own language
* Prefers drinking in the bathtub
* His favourite dish is smelly fish food bus also blue cheese and corn?!
* Likes to lick your armpits
* Always burns his moustache on a candle
* Favourite game, biting toos while you are a sleep
* Thinks bubbles are the prettiest things on earth

Carry the sun in a golden cup, the moon in a silver bag

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I am really looking forwart to this weekend! Especially sunday. Nothing to do, no obligations, just sleeping in, having an nice breakfast, reading a book, listening to some music. Carla Bruni makes the perfect lazy sunday music! Recently a new album was released ‘Comme si de rien n’était!’ My favourite song up until now is ‘Those dancing days are gone’ I haven’t heard the new songs yet!

* Enjoy your weekend *

An abundance of

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Mady Dooijes

I discovered Mady Dooijes blog a long time ago when I had my old blog lennebelle.blogspot! She is a dutch textile designer/stylist/artist based in Australia. I love her work! It’s delicate, natural and beautiful, only using eco friendly materials. I love the ultra long legging! It looks so comfy for upcoming winter!

You can find an overview of all her creations here, all her pretty finds at An abundance of (love this word) and you can get one of here pieces yourself here.