Our first Easter family trip

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 This Easter weekend we had our first family trip. We went to the lovely and smallest island Vlieland in the north of the Netherlands. It has just one street with some shops and small hotels and restaurants the rest is pure nature, only forest and beach. The weather was freezing but nice, big snow flakes or a the sun shining through the clouds.

We stayed at a really nice old fashioned and cosy hotel, Hotel Golfzang, fireplace, yummy breakfast, nice garden. We rented bikes, one cargo bike where Mette could sleep in and one ‘normal’ bike. We bicycled the whole island, went to the beach, ate pancakes, had a walk in the forest and went to bed early. We booked a night extra because we enjoyed it so much. Only family time, no work, no phone calls, just perfect!

If I could save time in a bottle,…

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Leica Mette 5

I want to save every moment with Mette, her first smile, how she grows (we make photos every week when we have our family bath in the weekend to keep track) how it feels to breastfeed her, to hear the sweet sounds she makes, the songs I sing and hum, everything with us together in the comfort of our home now as a family, the trips we make, all milestones. I want to keep it somewhere to never forget.

I am printing out photos, making a first year baby book and bought this great ‘My life story’ book where you can write down a whole life’s journey. I will keep this journal for Mette until a certain age (18?, 35? a special moment, giving birth herself?) and give it to her to fill in the rest. Plus we are thinking about another blog to save all the beautiful photos Joey is taking. (very much inspired by this blog; The road is home, love it)

And now I discovered the Time Capsule!

I love the idea of the Time Capsule. Keep your treasures and memories of a special moments in this box. The box comes with beautiful designed stationary like a notebook, wrapping paper, tape and more.

The Time Capsule is designed by Anouk van der El, Venour, Mae Engelgeer (Yes, we know her, she makes the beatiful textile designs like the towels I sell at minishop Confetti) and Marloes Sijm.

They will be available at Minishop Confetti soon. They are €34,95. If you wish to pre order just send me an e-mail or leave a comment.

(If I could save time in a bottle,.. is my mothers’ favourite song, the lyrics are beautiful)


Enjoying every minute of ‘nous’

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This is what I do,….enjoying every minute of us three! The pink cloud is no fairytale story and I am living it. Time flies by and in less then two weeks I have to get back to work and ‘normal’ life. But ‘life as we know it’ is gone and I love it! I adore being a family now.

Sorry for not posting that much lately but will be getting back to my my blog, Lennebelle (new website and online shop coming up) and minishop Confetti (new items in the online shop) soon.


The printed version

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Besides the little video we made for Mette’s birth announcement we also made a printed one for close friends and family and people who are not so familiar with the internet! Again it was a lot of fun to find a nice idea for the card and to make them!

Not so many blogpost at the moments because I am enjoying motherhood!

Pretty gift wrapping

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gifts2It’s crazy how time flies at the moment. Today Mette is already one month old. She is the cutest, sweetest little baby and I enjoy every moment with her. We had a lot of friends and family coming over and Mette got so spoilt with pretty gifts. She has a wardrobe almost larger than mine and so many books she can fill a library. And the gifts were also so nicely gift wrapped!

Mette Elba <3<3<3

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Last week on thuesday, after nine months of patience, our beautiful baby girl was born; Mette Elba. She is a little miracle and it’s amazing what happens when you become a mother. We are enjoying her so much and she is so sweet and adorable. I can’t stop looking at her so that is basically all we do!

With the snow outside we make it cosy inside with the three of us and all friends and family who come to visit and meet her. This is a precious time!

Joey and I made a baby anouncement together. It’s her journey into our lives in a little video. Hope you will enjoy it!  You can also check it at www.mette-elba.nl



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Last week I asked Sophia (friend, photographer, co-founder of Broodnuchter ) to make some photos of me and my belly. Often I think pregnancy photos are corny and a little bit strange. But I love Sophias style so I kwew I would be in great hands. I am really happy with the result. My personal favourites are the first one  (because its classic and timeless) and the one with Jack the cat with his eyes closed because it’s a cosy image.

Just counting the days now,…