Lennebelle in Anthology Magazine Gift Guide

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Just by coincidence I found out that the multi tassel bracelet was published in the Anthology Holiday Gift Guide through the lovely Stacy from Leifshop (Brooklyn based online shop) I love this magazine and got a copy for Sinterklaas last year.

Anthology magazine is a lifestyle magazine about home interior, travel, design, food and much more and is very inspiring. In the Netherlands they are available via Restored.

Christmas breakfast

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We enjoyed our last christmas breakfast with just the two of us and of course Jack, the cat! Joey made some really nice photos with the new camera. (check out more pics at Cloud Cuckoo) Christmas eve and Christmas day we spend with family and we got really spoilt with nice gifts.

As you can see our home is getting more finished every week now. There are a few things I’ll keep on my to do list when the big belly (38 and a bit weeks now!) is gone and ‘working’ in the house is little bit easier.

At this moment I am getting more excited about the near future with the three of us and leaving ‘our lives as we know it’ behind. I am pretty much ready to be a ‘mom’ and can’t wait to meet her.

Recent Instagram pics

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1. Our cosy kitty who will soon have to share some attention 2 new lights in the babyroom; custommade coconuts from Thailand 3 Xmas tree in our B&B in Buenos Aires from last year. Hope to have a tree like that next year! 4 Detail from our workspace 5 Gold plated multi tassel bracelets from Lennebelle for Lou Lou and Restored 6 Pretty vases bought at Swanmarket XL

I love to check out Instagram pics. You can see mine by using the username; Lennebelle

For your holiday shopping! New: Beaded wrap bracelets and still -20% discount and free shipping in the online shop!

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Recently I made these new gold plated wrap bracelets with different kind of (semi) gemstones. I am glad how they turned out!

The beaded wrap bracelets are now also available in the shop.

I am still busy with getting the new online shop ready which will be launched beginning next year.Until then;

DISCOUNT -20% and Free shipping worldwide

Use the discountcode: MBLXMAS

The babyroom is almost finished!

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Here a sneak preview from the babyroom. Only 6 weeks left. You can imagine I am counting the days till she is joining us and we will be like a real family not just a couple with a cat! I am starting to look forward to it more and more and getting more excited and even a bit nervous.

We have a really nice new camera, the Canon 5D Mark III so Joey is very happy with his new toy and is practicing at the moment to make pretty shots. Most of them are from me with my growing belly. Check out the Dutch magazine, Ouders van Nu in the near future, you will probably find some photos in there^-^

Last weekend I had my suprise babyshower! It was so much fun and I got really spoilt with all kinds of presents. Today I made a canopy for the cradle and tomorrow I will start making the baby card. A nice new little project to keep busy (never problems with that !)

Check out more photos at Joey’s blog; Cloud Cuckoo.

Happy b-day

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Had a lovely birthday yesterday! Starting with a suprise breakfast with ‘wentelteefjes’ (=french toast; made by my love who checked Youtube how to make them! love, love, love him) Had coffee with a friend in the autumn sun in ’t Kralingse’ forest, then lunch at Vicini and a lovely dinner at home with my parents! Got a really nice present, laguiole knives!

We will continue celebrating my birthday this weekend in Amsterdam, having dinner at ‘Aan de Amstel’ (on my wishlist for ages) stay the night at a lovely hotel, visit an expo at Westergas and eat cake at Proef (also on my to go list for a long time) and do some present shopping in the Jordaan.

Work in progress,….together with Unfold Studio

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Since I started Lennebelle in 2009 I never changed a thing at the Lennebelle website and online shop, but Lennebelle did change and in the near future I will have some nice new designs coming up.

And what’s better then showing the new designs in a pretty new layout and a new online shop?! I love working on the new design and will show the result to you soon.

My love will take care of everything behind the website and helps me with the design layout! He also made Minishop Confetti and many more. Check out more of his work at Unfold Studio.

This weekend I became an aunt!

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Last saturday I became the proud aunt of my little nephew, Jan Berend! Me and my sister were pregnant together which made being pregnant even more fun sharing everything you experience. The arrival of my nephew was a big suprise, he came a lot earlier then expected but luckily he is doing fine and I am so proud of my sister. For me still 10 weeks to go and I got a new nickname ‘Lennebelly’ (^_^)