Carola Zee

Cosy, cold & crowded Swanmarket

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Last sunday I was at Swanmarket selling Lennebelle christmasgifts! It was cosy, cold and crowded.With my new winterboots and cups of hot chocolate and gluwein we kept warm. It got dark pretty early so everything was lit with candles. It was nice standing next to Irma and Carola Zee with her beatifull ceramics. Still in love with her work I bought one soft pink cup and she gave me a mint green one as an early x-mas present, so nice! Thanks Carola.

Sorbet coloured cups

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I first saw these cups on a sample sale and instantly fell in love! I love the sorbet colours and the fact that the edge is glazed and the rest of the cup has a mat finish. The cups are all unique and are from ceramic designer Carola Zee.

♥ Carola Zee: ➔ Site

Hometown beauties (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

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{  This post was featured earlier when I was guestblogging for ‘The Drifter and the Gypsy }

My hometown Rotterdam has a lot to offer when it comes to art, design, architecture and culture and it’s filled with creative people doing their thing! These are my favourite Rotterdam based designers! Martine Viergever (jewellery), Daisy Kroon (fashion) Carola Zee (ceramics) and Charlotte Wooning (jewellery).

Daisy Kroon recently also did a photoshoot with Sophia van den Hoek, check out Daisy’s website! Remember my dreamy photoshoot for Made by l e n n e b e l l e!

From top to bottom:

♥ Martine Viergever: ➔ Site

♥ Daisy Kroon: ➔ Site

♥ Carola Zee: ➔ Site

♥ Charlotte Wooning: ➔ Site