That ‘porch’ feeling must be wonderfull

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Remember Villa Villekulla (dutch: Kakelbont), the house of Pippi Longstocking? It has been my dreamhouse for ages. Now we are thinking about buying a house/appartment together I am being more realistic. I just have a few wishes,…a place outside, an open kitchen and a fireplace. Besides I would adore an ‘entresol’ but that will be difficult (check out earlier post here)

And one day I would love to enjoy a home with a ‘porch’ just like Villa Villekulla! Hanging out together on the porch must be such relaxing with a porch swing, a rocking chair, many cushions and candles, fresh lemonade, a purring cat, good music and a nice sunset,….the ultimate ‘porch’ feeling.

First image via ‘Spell & Gypsy Collective’; check out all the images of their amazing home here and source of the other photos here.


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One of my best friends recently bought this amazing house with all the great details  I love; frech balcony, open kitchen, fireplaces in livingroom and bedroom, an antique bathtub, ceiling ornaments, rooftop garden and stained glass windows. It has it all!

But what I will love most for our next appartment/house will be a entresol or mezzanine. The upper photos I tore out of some magazines a long long time ago and still it is on my top wishlist for things I will love in a our future home. The big photo is from the Selby.