Our first Easter family trip

By 2/04/'13travel


 This Easter weekend we had our first family trip. We went to the lovely and smallest island Vlieland in the north of the Netherlands. It has just one street with some shops and small hotels and restaurants the rest is pure nature, only forest and beach. The weather was freezing but nice, big snow flakes or a the sun shining through the clouds.

We stayed at a really nice old fashioned and cosy hotel, Hotel Golfzang, fireplace, yummy breakfast, nice garden. We rented bikes, one cargo bike where Mette could sleep in and one ‘normal’ bike. We bicycled the whole island, went to the beach, ate pancakes, had a walk in the forest and went to bed early. We booked a night extra because we enjoyed it so much. Only family time, no work, no phone calls, just perfect!