An appartment with a sea of light

At this moment times are busy and exciting. Minishop Confetti will be open for just another week and that will be the end of the first ‘pop up’ of Confetti. It was and still is a lot of fun to have my own little shop filled with all the things I adore so much and sensing others feel the same.

And we finally got the key of our new appartment! A lot has to be done but the result will be amazing! The appartement, this year 100 years old, itself is already amazing and we just want to paint everything, do some renovating and a new bathroom and kitchen.

We are on the first, second and third floor. It is double the size of where we live now and what’s best about this place, it’s a sea of light everywhere! Can’t wait for it all to be finished and waking up and opening the door from our bedroom to the sunny roofterrace, just sit there and do nothing for a while! Mmmmm, still a couple of weeks to go!

Images via Tumblr. Photos from our new place hopefully soon! Check out how it looks now here

Before photos