Dolce far niente in Italy

My weekend in Italy was just so relaxing and nice! I loved to see my best friend and her family and just to hang out with them and enjoying the Italian food! It was raining cats and dogs most of the time so unfortunately not so much nice photos. We went to this cute village on a hill named Cortona where the movie ‘Under the Tuscan sun’ was shot but this was more ‘Under the Tuscan rain’! Still we had a nice ‘aperitivo‘ and a traditional Tuscan dinner at ‘La Bucaccia’.

The ‘dolces’ market was delicious! A market full of Italian treats like all kinds of oil and vinegars, truffle, chestnut flour, Italian pastries, honey and chocolat. With the chestnut flour I am trading with Malin from the Bread Exchange Programme (see earlier post) this weekend. My love is in Berlin and he will trade a bread for a Made by lennebelle bracelet and the chestnut flour!

* Just arrived in Italy, Pisa and having a capucino in an Italian bar. These small moments make me happy!