Our bed room is my sanctuary.

With so little sleep over the past four years (because of the late hours of work and the interrupted sleep by the kids waking up or breastfeeding) I really know now what lack of sleep can do with you and how important it is to get some good night rest.

Lately I try to go to bed earlier instead of the normal 0.00 or even later. With the overloaded busy days and waking up early every single morning (almost no sleeping in for almost 4 years now ūüėČ I try to go upstairs at 22.00, light the candles, dim the lights, do some reading, make my to do list for the next day and sometimes even do some yoga with the House of Yoga lessons (highly recommended) on my laptop. It really feels like a treat to myself but it’s still hard to find the discipline to go upstairs this early…But maybe it will become easier now we have the Emma mattress. I wanted new mattresses for a long time, it was time to replace them so it was perfect timing when I got an e-mail from Emma mattress if I wanted to try out theirs.

When looking for a new mattress I had a small wishlist;

  1. It needed to support both our sleeping habits and difference in weight.
  2. Preferably one big mattress¬†instead of two separate ones because of the split that you have in the middle. But when we were in an Airbnb recently and had one mattress I hated it because¬†I could feel every single move my love¬†was making. So this¬†made me doubt….

The Emma mattress has both wishes covered! Because of the technique and the used materials in the Emma mattress it adjusts to your body and it makes sure you won’t feel every move your partner makes. The perfect solution.

When you purchase the Emma mattress you can try it for 100 days, if you are not happy you can return it.¬†In the beginning I was a little hesitant. The mattresses we had were from a first class brand so I decided to keep them, just in case…now 5 nights later, there is no doubt we both love the Emma mattress. Besides the comfort I also like the hight and thickness of the mattress. It makes cocooning and chilling in bed even better. It’s a comfy and cosy place to retreat.

To try out the Emma mattress go to their website here. With code ‘vier50’ you will get ‚ā¨ 50,- discount.




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