The best beginning of 2012. Buying the house of our dreams one day before we went to Argentina. It has everything we hoped for. You can imagine how exciting I am and how nervous I was (glad we don’t buy a new place every year,…;-)

It’s a three level corner appartment in Kralingen neighbourhood, Rotterdam. Exactly 100 years old, build in 1912. It has so many windows, so much light, an open kitchen, all these old features like ceiling ornaments and stained glass everywhere, a bath, an amazingly cosy roof terrace from our bedroom and a huge attic which we will turn into our workspaces and last but not least a fireplace! (we will have to restore it) And it is only 150 meters from the best parc in the city. What else can you wish for?

We were looking for a new place in september, we checked this one out, kept in our mind and it’s the only appartment we visited, it was that simple and obvious this was the one! I could see all the small moments of joy in this house. Making dinner for friends, drinking my morning coffee on the terrace, the sun waking me up, the cat in the window, cuddling with my love on the couch with the fireplace on,….

A lot of work has to be done but I am thrilled to get started, to ‘design’ my dream kitchen and comfy bathroom and am already finding inspiration everywhere. When you have any reccomandations on what to check out let me know!

  • Mackapär Ulrika

    Wow, congratulations! It sounds very perfect and very exciting! Hope you will show us some photos here!
    Best of luck!!

  • Christine

    Gefeliciteerd, fijn, zo’n nieuw, mooi, oud huis op een even zo fijne plek! Veel geluk!

  • Julie

    Hi Len, oh heerlijk glas in lood, ongebruikelijke hoekjes, al die mooie oude details…een eigen karakter, gefeliciteerd met jullie droomhuisje en geniet er lekker van.

  • jonahliza

    much congrats! i got engaged, last month.. so, my new year started amazing also! happy 2012 <3

  • Louise Mills

    Wow! Sounds amazing!! let me know if you want any hand weaving for the walls or tables :)
    enjoy the excitement!!

  • Floddertje

    Congratulations! looks beautiful and gezellig!
    You should look on pinterest for inspiration…

  • Esther

    Gefeliciteerd! Wat fijn om naar uit te kijken. Weet zeker dat je er een heerlijk nestje van maakt.

  • mady

    how fabulous len. you will make it your own just like that! xxx

  • Annas Camping

    It must feel so wonderful! Pictures, pictures :)

  • tuulikki titine

    Wat klinkt het goed en wat een geweldig begin van het nieuwe jaar. 2012 kan nu al niet meer stuk en het is nog maar net begonnen. Proost en gefeliciteerd!