What do you really like to do? EAT!


I just watched the movie Julie & Julia! It got me totaly inspired!  I love cooking but never seem to take really the time to do it. I love flipping through cookbooks, especially the ones with the mouthwatering photos in it!

My favourite is this cookbook by famous writer Roald Dahl! He loved to cook and to eat ofcourse. All the photos in the book look like still lifes. I read the whole book with nice anekdotes about family and friends and famous visiters eating at Dahls’ table and recipies from rosepetal sorbet to royal dog snacks (for real!). I never tried a recipe but will do this upcoming sunday! Something that needs to simmer for hours and hours on the stove!

I will make Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon and Roald Dahls‘ ‘Liccy’s (his wife) always succeeding crunchy roasted potatoe pie’ with it!

(take a look at Roald Dahls fun website, you can not but love Quinten Blakes illustrations! and watch these cooking lessons by the real Julia Child ‘The French Chef’)