Made by l e n n e b e l l e: Shop opening soon!


While A little hamster is looking around for nice precious finds Made by l e n n e b e l l e is making her own! With this blog I want to share all things what I find beautifull and inspiring. On the other hand my passion is creating things, it can be anything and that’s what I do under the name Made by l e n n e b e l l e.

It started out with the Little grey T-shirt Project for Pink Ribbon. With help from my lovely friend Jane who has a fashion agency, Jane Agents, in Antwerp, Belgium my jewelry is displayed in at least four nice shops in the Netherlands; Krispijn & Krispijn, Zin, Fshn Addict and Kim Werner, and soon some in Belgium!

MBL overview

Everything Made by l e n n e b e l l e is handmade using the finest of materials. In the shop you will find fun, precious headbands, little handy leather pouches, vintage charms in antique glass tubes, comfy scarfs and other things I will come up with in the future! I am looking forward to it, I hope you do too!